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This is the button to use if you want to be affiliates. How do you become an affiliate? Simply contact us! Create an account and start a new topic here! You can also email us at! Then, once we've exchanged banners, we are affiliates!

The Legendary Starfy series affiliates

Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance affiliates

  • Donkey Kong Wiki Donkey Kong Wiki: The ever growing DK Wiki!
  • F-Zero Wiki F-Zero Wiki: The up-and-coming F-Zero encyclopedia that anyone can edit!
  • Icaruspedia Icaruspedia: The ever-expanding Kid Icarus Wiki!
  • Lylat Wiki Lylat Wiki: The high-flying Star Fox Wiki!
  • WikiBound WikiBound: The up-and-coming EarthBound resource!
  • link= Wiki WiKirby: The ever expanding Kirby encyclopedia!
  • SmashWiki SmashWiki: The growing encyclopedia about Nintendo's crossover fighting series!

Other wikis

  • Kingdom Hearts Wiki: The Kingdom Hearts encyclopedia!
  • link= Toriko Wiki Toriko Wiki: The wiki about the mouth watering and action packed manga, Toriko Wiki!
  • Odin Sphere Wiki Odin Sphere Wiki: The noble encyclopedia on the game Odin Sphere!
  • Wikimon Wikimon: A huge Wiki dedicated to Digimon!
  • Wikifang: The wiki dedicated to the branch of Smilesoft published games including Telefang, Dino Device and Bugsite!
  • Wikisimpsons Wikisimpsons: The wiki dedicated to the Simpsons!

Other fan sites

  • SEIWA SEIWA: The Square-Enix Independent Wiki Alliance is the number one knowledge-base for Square Enix games.

Former affiliates

  • Gam1ng: Gam1ng was a network aimed at bringing people together with a common interest in video games.