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TLS Coddie.png
Japanese Name アカウオ, Akauo
Affiliates Herman
Located Gluglug Lagoon
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Coddies (Akauo in Japan) are small red fish with white fins that appear in The Legendary Starfy. In The Legendary Starfy, they belong to the hermit crab Herman who has had his Coddies kidnapped and stored inside of a bubble monster named Goblup, but they are soon saved by Starfy.

Toy description

"Herman likes to keep these guys as pets. They're neat, sleek, 'n' super chic!
When these guys get together, they make for one cool school." (No. 008)


  • The Coddies somewhat resemble Gyotto, an enemy from the Game Boy Advance games. They both have large eyes, are red/orange and have white colored fins.