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EvilLogo.png Boss: Kragen EvilLogo.png
Japanese Name クラーゲン, Kurāgen
iQue Name* 北海巨妖, Běihǎijùyāo
Hitpoints 5
Species Jellyfish
Affiliations Ogura, Mokumocchu, Kaninari
Fought at Sea of Sky
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy (GBC)
Latest Appearance Densetsu no Starfy

Kragen is a boss in Densetsu no Starfy. He, along with Mokumocchu and Kaninari, are the bosses of Sea of Sky who were summoned by Ogura. To defeat him, Starfy must attack a special section of Kragen's tentacles while avoiding their tops, which when touched will cause Starfy to get stuck and receive damage. Kragen will also attempt to hit Starfy by moving his tentacles from side to side, and their movement speed will increase as the battle progresses.

Before the game's release, Kragen appeared in a pre-release screenshot of Densetsu no Starfy for the Game Boy Color on page 60 of the 2001 edition of the Game Boy Encyclopedia.

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