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Konk wearing the Helmet

This article is about the item in Densetsu no Starfy 3 worn by Konk. For other uses, see Helmet.

The Helmet (Japanese: カブト) is an item in Densetsu no Starfy 3, found late in level 3 of Lobber's Cave as well as level 4.

In level 3, Moe is angry to see Konk, wanting to punish him. Moe asks Starfy to attack Konk's head - his usual weakness, but Konk wears the Helmet that protects him from Star Spins, so when Starfy tries to attack Konk, it doesn't affect him. This shocks Starfy. Konk then attacks Starly and Moe, making them fly away to level 4.

In level 4, when the player takes control of Starly, she soon finds Konk underneath a light. He thinks that standing under the light is cool but also says that standing under the light with the helmet on makes him hot. Starly must keep Konk under the light for ten seconds while Konk is moving. If Konk moves away from the light, the time left indicated on the screen will continue from its previous value as long as Konk was only away from the light for about a second or two, otherwise the number will reset to ten. The player cannot pause the game when they have to keep Konk underneath the light. When Konk is exposed to the light for ten seconds, his helmet comes flying off and Starly receives it. Konk corners Starly but Starfy and Moe come to the rescue and force Konk into the boss room, without his helmet.