Glitzem Grotto

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Glitzem Grotto
Glitzem Grotto.png
Japanese Name トロッコどうくつ
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Enemies Kweenie, Clamstack, Patrol Crab, Mopple, Mombat, Spinebelly, Wiggyback, Zunbie, Zunbie Leader
Areas (levels) 7
Stage Boss Ronk
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Glitzem Grotto is the fifth stage in The Legendary Starfy. It is a mine that has mine carts which Starfy can ride in and switches that raise the water level. This is where the player first fights Ronk. Later Starfy fights Ronk and Papes in a mine cart battle. Starly cannot be called via Local Wireless to team up with Starfy in this battle, probably because there is no boss room before the mine cart battle with Ronk and Papes. There is supposedly a chest with over 10,000 Pearls that the Bilge Monkeys were after, but Moe misleads them to Chillydip Cove while he himself looks for it.


  • 5-1: Take a Dive
  • 5-2: Rickety Ride
  • 5-3: Get Ready to Ronk
  • 5-4: Stay on Track
  • 5-5: ???? (Secret 1)
  • 5-6: ???? (Secret 2)
  • 5-7: ???? (Secret 3)

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