Fluffy Unu

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Fluffy Unu
Japanese Name ビッゲウーオ, Big Ūo
Located Skydye Heights
Related Enemies Unu
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Fluffy Unu (Big Ūo in Japan) is a large living cloud bubble in The Legendary Starfy that can be found in the in Skydye Heights (Stage 6-1). Its name suggests that it is actually a species of Unu. In the level it eats the door to the next area and Starfy must feed it cotton candy balls in order for it to pop and release the door from its body. It also swallowed Ruby for a time.

Toy description

"Cotton candy, YES! Oh, no, wait... I'm not making that mistake again! You are what you eat. Can you guess what the Fluffy Unu's favorite food is?" (#053)


  • The first time Starfy meets him Moe calls him Fluffy Unu but if one returns to the level Moe will instead refer to him as Goblup (the name of his undersea counterpart).