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This article is related to a game, manga series or other media that has not been released outside Japan. The coverage here may differ from what it would be in an official translation.
The first issue of the Video Game Magazine, focusing on The Legendary Starfy as one of the featured games

This article is about the publication by Enterbrain, for other publications, see category:publications.

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Video Game Magazine (Japanese: てれびげーむ マガジネ, Television Game Magazine) is a series of Japanese mooks published by Enterbrain marketed for young children as the main audience. The first issue was launched on November 7, 2008. The original Famitsu DS+Wii editorial board was responsible for the creation of the magazine but as of 2012, the magazine is independent from their control.

November 2008 issue

The November 2008 issue focused on The Legendary Starfy as one of the featured games. It came with a number of free gifts, including stickers based on popular franchises, a four-fold page with information about The Legendary Starfy on one side and New Super Mario Bros. on the other, a Starfy Kisekae collection, a small comic book based on The Legendary Starfy called "Starfy's Adventure" and a Kirby simple coloring sheet.

Pages 26-35 cover tips on The Legendary Starfy. Page 28 has a manga based on The Legendary Starfy called Defeat the Enemy! that was created by Hitoshi Ogino. On pages 30 and 32 are manga called Hidden Room Discovery! and Combined by Transformation! respectively, also based on The Legendary Starfy. They were presumably created by the same artist.

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