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Viewing Mega Mashtooth from the Story menu

Mega Mashtooth (Japanese: さいきょうダイール!, Strongest Dairu!) is the 21st Story cartoon in The Legendary Starfy. It is played after Starfy defeats Mashtooth's first form for the first time.

In it, Starfy brings Mashtooth down, and Starfy, Bunston and Moe believe to have beaten him. Moe says "atta boy!" to Starfy, and Bunston thanks both Starfy and Moe. While Starfy, Bunston and Moe are celebrating, Mashtooth blinks and is revealed to be unbeaten still.

Mashtooth says "not... over... yet...", shocking the three. He begins to stand up and uses his sniffing attack to inhale Bunston, hoping to absorb his power to become unstoppable. Bunston tries to resist, but Mashtooth picks him up and drops him down his throat, swallowing him.

Bunston falls inside of Mashtooth's body, and Mashtooth's heart begins to thump loudly. Mashtooth starts to transform into a much more powerful form — Mega Mashtooth.

Starfy attacks Mega Mashtooth's belly but this is no good and Bunston is still stuck. Bunston tells Starfy and Moe not to worry about him and advises that they just try to stop Mega Mashtooth and save his people, but tells Starfy to 'please hurry'. Mega Mashtooth says if they hurt him, they'll hurt the 'puny prince', as well. Mega Mashtooth says Starfy and Moe are next to be inhaled and Moe asks Starfy what to do. Mashtooth replies 'nothing', thinking that they face an 'invincible power'. Moe worrying says "we're done for, Starf! It's been great knowing ya!" but then The Terrible Trio come to the rescue, and use the The Paper Cut Crusher on Mega Mashtooth. Mega Mashtooth retaliates, calling them 'brainless traitors'. Snips, while injured says 'you were right, Mashtooth is evil. Someone has to stop him'. Moe remarks that they don't have "steamed peas for brains" after all. Mega Mashtooth throws Bunston out of his belly and the Terrible Trio, say they have got no power left and ask Starfy and others to defeat Mega Mashtooth.

Starfy is lying down facing the ground with his eyes closed, but other people including The Terrible Trio, Starly, Bunston, Old Man Lobber, encourage him to get up, filling him with the power of friendship. The power invoked by Starfy's friends is so powerful that a large aura surrounds Starfy, allowing him to fly into space and attack Mega Mashtooth face to face.

Mega Mashtooth (3:00)


The scene with the speech bubble pointing at Starfy
  • In one scene where (presumably) Moe says "Bunston!", the speech bubble is pointing at Starfy, as if it is Starfy saying "Bunston!".