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The Legendary Super Magician is Here!? (Japanese: 来てます! 伝説の超魔術!?, Kitemasu! Densetsu no Chou-Majutsu!?) is the twelfth chapter of the Densetsu no Starfy R manga.


The chapter begins with Coral, Mattel and Moe in a room possibly belonging to Pufftop Palace, talking about the 'miracles they are going to see tonight' in the show with "Mr. Mafic" (Japanese: Mr. マフィック) who is most likely Starfy.

When they walk in to see Mr. Mafic, he asks them for coins, so they hand them over to Mr. Mafic who promises them that he will show a magic trick with them. He begins to show them a "Hand Power" (Japanese: ハンドパワー) trick. He shakes the coin and then tries to make it disappear with an eraser.

Next, Mr. Mafic shows them a playing card trick. He asks Mattel to pick a card and write her name on it, so she writes "Mattel" then puts it back in the pile as Mr. Mafic requests. Mr. Mafic then reveals the card of her choice. Mr. Mafic then runs about saying that he will cherish the card, annoying Mattel and Moe.

Moe shouts at Mr. Mafic and he shows another trick, throwing cards about and making his "ear" seem big. Mr. Mafic shows another trick where he plans to go into one box on the right with a door and end up in the leftmost box after he counts to three. Mattel, Coral and Moe really if it's really possible and then Starly appears out of the box instead, horrifying Coral, Mattel and Moe.

Mr. Mafic steps out of the right-most box angry and Starly begins to show some magic tricks of her own. On a count of three she pulls a bird out of a hat after covering it with a handkerchief and Coral, Mattel and Moe find it amazing. Mr. Mafic and Starly try to compete with Starly. Starfy pulls a rabbit out of a hat but then Starly pulls out a dog so Starfy pulls out a Mandrill. Starly then pulls out a lion and Starfy pulls out a crocodile and they start biting each other.

Mr. Mafic and Starly face each other with disdain and continue their magic 'battle'. Mr. Mafic points at hamburger menu and pulls a hamburger out of a photograph of a hamburger and starts to eat it. Starly does the same with another photograph of a hamburger and they both start pulling out many different types of hamburgers and eating them. Mattel gets annoyed with Mr. Mafic and Starly and tells them to stop, criticizing them.

Mr. Mafic decides to pull off one last trick for Mattel. He puts himself inside a box and puts on handcuffs and legcuffs. Dynamite is about to go off and explode and Mattel remarks that the trick is too dangerous. There is a large explosion but the box remains, although it is slightly damaged. Mr. Mafic appears with his shirt and glasses damaged and pulls out the card that Mattel chose once more but Mattel, Coral, Starly and Moe are not impressed.



  • This chapter reveals that an official romanization of Materu is "Mattel" because Mattel wrote it using the Roman alphabet on the card she chose.
  • Mr. Mafic is possibly based on Mr. Maric (birth name: Akira Matsuo), a magician in Japanese media, and shares sunglasses, similar eyebrows, a mustache and beard reminiscent of him.
The real world Mr. Maric