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Viewing the Jewel on the Items List

The Jewels (Japanese: ほうせき) are four items in Densetsu no Starfy 3, found in Undersea Ruins. They are large blue jewels that are found in levels 1, 2, 3 and must be retrieved in level 4. They are based on the Pyramid Jewels that Wario must collect to open the boss doors in Wario Land 4. In particular, they resemble the blue Pyramid Jewels that Wario finds in Sapphire Passage.

Wario takes the first Jewel in level 1 while looking for treasure and Moe calls Wario a brute for taking it but he later gives Starfy a treasure box containing a Wario Cap. He then uses his Dash Attack to send Moe and Starly flying away. Wario finds the second Jewel in level 2 past three rooms where Starfy has to use Bubble Wario to progress or avoid having Wario enter that form. He rewards Starfy with a treasure box containing a copy of WarioWare, Inc.. Wario finds the third Jewel in level 3 past some Hard Blocks thanks to his Ground Pound, then teaches Starfy how to use the Shooting Star ability. Wario finds the fourth Jewel in a later part of level 3 nearby a Frog Switch. Starfy presses it and this causes the stage to start scrolling to the right. Wario starts to run off. When Starly and Moe catch up with Wario, he gives Starly a treasure box containing the Nose and Mustache Set.

In level 4, there is a door with a panel above it where the four Jewels fit but before Wario has a chance to use them, Kyorozou appears and dashes past Wario, Starfy, Moe and Starly, taking the Jewels with him. The Jewels are found through the top-left, bottom-left, top-right and bottom-right doors. Through all four doors, Wario eventually throws Kyorozou at Starfy to retrieve the relevant Jewel.

Through the top-left door, a Kachitsuki will sting Wario and turn him into Puffy Wario. Starfy must use Puffy Wario to rise to the top of 2 rooms. Through the bottom-left door, Starfy must use the Stone Statues to turn Wario into Flaming Wario and use him to break blocks similar to Bonfire Blocks and pass a room where Starfy uses the Kigurumi. Through the top-right door, Starfy must swim to the bottom of a room while using his Star Spin to destroy bubbles to prevent Wario from turning into Bubble Wario and navigate a room of falling spikes. Through the bottom-right room, Starfy must use Bubble Wario while moving him to make him rise to the top of a room and navigate another room using his Shooting Star ability to break Hard Blocks.

Once Starfy and Wario retrieve all four Jewels, they are used to open the boss door that leads to Gachatakkoru.

Item Description

  • キラキラとひかるきれいなほうせきだよ!これをトビラにめこむとどうなるんだろうね?

"This is a beautiful, sparkling jewel! What happens when you put them into those slots above the door?"

  • Note: ‘slots above the door’ was added for clarity as the literal translation of ‘put into the door’ doesn’t make to much sense, nor is it accurate to actions in game.