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Only in Japan!
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This article is related to a game, manga series or other media that has not been released outside Japan. The coverage here may differ from what it would be in an official translation.

This article is a table of Items in Densetsu no Starfy. Collectible items in Densetsu no Starfy except Pearls (where up to 999 are displayed on the bottom-right corner of the screen) are stored on the Pause screen in the Item box. Unlike Densetsu no Starfy 2, Densetsu no Starfy 3 and Densetsu no Starfy 4, items do not have specific descriptions. Instead, the message of the Pause screen changes as the player progresses through the game.

Number Screenshot/Sprite Name Japanese name Location Stored on the Pause screen?
* DnS Pearl.png Pearl しんじゅ,
Many No
* DnS Big Pearl.png Big Pearl ? Many No
01 Yakan.PNG Kettle やかん,
Lobber's Cave,
Coral Reef*
02 DnS Key.PNG Key カギ,
Lobber's Cave Yes
03 Tsunogai.PNG Dentalium Shell ツノガイ,
Lobber's Cave,
Coral Reef*
04 DnS Pretty Shell.png Pretty Shell きれいなカイガラ,
Kireina Kaigara
Lobber's Cave Yes
05 Pretty Coral.PNG Pretty Coral きれいなサンゴ,
Kireina Sango
Stranded Whale Yes
06 Teddy Bear.PNG Cute Stuffed Toy かわいいヌイグルミ,
Kawaii Nuigurumi
Stranded Whale Yes
07 Delicious Cake.PNG Delicious Cake おいしそうなケーキ,
Oishisouna Kēki
Stranded Whale Yes
08 JellatoItem1.png The Jellato Sisters Sea of Ice Yes
09 JellatoItem2.png The Jellato Sisters Sea of Ice Yes
10 HirarinItem.png Hirarin ヒラリン,
Sea of Ice Yes
11 JellatoItem3.png The Jellato Sisters Sea of Ice Yes
12 Tone of Ocean.PNG Tone of Ocean 海のねいろ,
Umi no Neiro
Deep Sea Yes
13 DnS Drug.png Drug クスリ,
Deep Sea No
14 Heart Key 2.PNG Heart Key N/A Sunken Ship Yes
15 Spade Key.PNG Spade Key スペードキー,
Supēdo Kī
Sunken Ship Yes
16 Club Key.PNG Club Key クラブキー,
Kurabu Kī
Sunken Ship* Yes
17 Diamond Key.PNG Diamond Key ダイヤキー,
Daiya Kī
Sunken Ship Yes
18 Shovel.PNG Scoop スコップ,
Sunken Ship Yes
19 Pickaxe.PNG Pickaxe ツルハシ,
Sunken Ship Yes
20 DnS Bomb.PNG Bomb バクダン,
Sunken Ship Yes
21 Ointment.PNG Ointment きずグスリ,
Undersea Temple Yes
22 Yogensho.PNG Yogensho よげんしょ,
Undersea Temple Yes
23 Jar.PNG Jar ツボ,
Pufftop Palace,
Undersea Temple
24 Pufftop Kids item.png Pufftop Children テンカイの子供たち,
Tenkai no Kodomo Tachi
Pufftop Yes
25 Pufftop Kids item2.png Pufftop Children テンカイの子供たち,
Tenkai no Kodomo Tachi
Pufftop Yes
26 Pufftop Kids item3.png Pufftop Children テンカイの子供たち,
Tenkai no Kodomo Tachi
Pufftop Yes