Hotcha Springs

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Hotcha Springs
Japanese name あちちおんせん (Hot Hot Hot Springs)
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Enemies Fwip, Octopult, Nogo, Glunk, Cactot, Splatch, Mushrew
Areas (levels) 7
Stage boss Hot-Spring Snapper
First appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest appearance The Legendary Starfy

Hotcha Springs is the second stage in The Legendary Starfy.

Hotcha Springs is a stage where all of the waters are hot and the air is moist. It is said to be relaxing. Old Man Lobber first appears in this stage.

Major events



Two of the unnamed creatures.
  • In the background of various levels in Hotcha Springs, creatures resembling Splatch can be seen bathing at the surface of the water.

Name origin


While it is clear the name of this stage is a play on "Hot Springs", the origin of the "cha" part is unknown. Unless it was added whimsically, perhaps it is used to preserve the -ch sound the Japanese name used; this is -cha, not -chi though the onomotopoeia achacha exists for something hot. Alternatively it could literally be the dated word "hotcha" in American English for approval or delight. While this word is still used, it may now be used facetiously. Note it is worth stressing that Old Man Lobber features in this stage; and the first uses of this word may have orignated in the 1930s.[1]


あちち (achichi), like あち (achi) is a word stereotypically used by children for expressing something "hot". An おんせん (onsen) is a (Japanese-style) hot spring or spa.


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