Puffy Chub

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Puffy Chub
TLS Puffy Chub Toy.png
Japanese Name ポムギョ, Pomugyo
Located Skydye Heights
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Puffy Chubs (Pomugyo in Japan) are 'enemies' in The Legendary Starfy, which appear in Skydye Heights. They cannot be defeated by Starfy but they cannot harm Starfy either. They apparently don't mind being knocked around the area.

In a Side Quest in Stage 6-3 titled "Juggle This", Herbert asks Starfy to juggle a Puffy Chub 20 times. Accepting the challenge places Starfy on top of a cloud platform. A Puffy Chub will appear in the middle of the air, and Starfy has to stop it from falling off the cloud platform or reaching the ground by using his Star Spin to keep it afloat. The Puffy Chub has to be juggled a total of at least 20 times in 60 seconds to win the challenge. If the Puffy Chub falls to the ground, it will vanish and reappear in the middle of the air again.

Toy description

"The bounciest fish in the sea. Go ahead, knock him around. He doesn't mind. If you ever lose your ball, pick up a Puffy Chub instead!" (#052)