Degil's Castle

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Degil's Castle
Degil's Castle preview.png
Japanese name デジールのしろ, Dejīru no Shiro
Greater location Amiy Kingdom
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Ruler Degil
Enemies Evil Flower, Madsac, Maydin, Paran, Pearl Dragon, Birakko, Brank, Gein, Shinigami
Areas (levels) 4
Stage boss Degil
First appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4
Latest appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4

This article is about the final stage in Densetsu no Starfy 4. For the tune, see Degil's Castle (music).

Degil's Castle is the final stage in Densetsu no Starfy 4. It is basically the Amiy Castle under Degil's control.

City text

☆けっせん! じゃあくなしろ☆
たどりついたよ! スタフィーに
  • Unofficial translation:

"☆ The decisive battle at the evil castle! ☆

At last, we've made it to Degil's homeplace! However, it seems like something is blocking Starfy and friend's way...?"

Pearl bonus

The following things can be touched on the touch screen of the Degil's Castle City for a Pearl bonus.

  • Six fish in an aquarium (1 Pearl each).
  • Wotsaruto peering out of a larger aquarium (One large Pearl, worth 5 small Pearls).

Major events


  • Both final boss stages of Starfy 4 (9-4) and Starfy 5 (8-4) share similar titles of さいしゅうけっせん (Saishū Kessen, lit. The Final Battle) and さいしゅうけっせんだー! (Saishū Kessen da!!!, lit. This is the Final Battle!!!) respectively. Using the Legendary Starfy’s name for 8-4, Starfy 4’s stage name would likely be “The Final Showdown” as well.
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