Coin Slinger

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Coin Slinger, played over Local Wireless.

Coin Slinger (Japanese: バッキュンコイン, Bakkyun Coin) is a minigame in The Legendary Starfy. The goal is to score 40 points first.

How to Play

  1. The player must tap the coins that match his/her color to gain 1 point for every coin.
  2. If the player hits several coins in a row, bonus balloons will appear in the player's color that grant 2 points when popped. If the player pops a balloon that is not their color, no points will be gained.
  3. If the player taps a coin that's not his/her color, it turns into a Slot Coin. Slot Coins change their color every few seconds.
  4. If the player taps a Slot Coin that's not his/her color, they will lose 1 point.
  5. The first player to get 40 points wins.