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Densetsu no Starfy artwork of Starfy suffering from dizziness.

Dizziness (Japanese: ピヨピヨ, Piyopiyo) is a common ability flaw for Starfy and Starly usually when they try to use the Star Spin more than three times consecutively. When Starfy or Starly gets dizzy he/she can't move for a few seconds. This makes the player character vulnerable for damage from enemy attacks or obstacles.

The most common way to get dizzy is using the Star Spin, but Starfy or Starly can also get dizzy from small tornadoes as well as the moves of certain enemies, including:

Enemy or obstacle damage will also cancel dizziness out allowing the player to be able to move again right away.

In Densetsu no Starfy, the sound is completely different.

In Densetsu no Starfy 4, Starfy and Moe will get dizzy together almost right away after using the Powerful Spin.

Starfy or Starly can escape dizziness a little earlier if the player presses multiple buttons on the D-Pad.

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