Bunston's Collection

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Bunston's Collection.

Bunston's Collection (Japanese: ランパのあつめもの, Rampa's Collected Objects) is a Touch Screen feature in The Legendary Starfy. Bunston gives it to Starfy in the level "Big Squiddy Brawl" in Gluglug Lagoon (Stage 1-4).

The Moe's Case option Collection is unlocked at the same time. It is almost the same as Bunston's Collection but does not have the three Heart Gem icons. Collection also features a brief description of where the latest Shard was found or a random message with background information into events following the story after defeating Mega Mashtooth.


  • Shows how many shards have been collected.
  • Shows how many Heart Gems are collected (displays up to three at a time; momentarily for a third). There are three spots for Heart Gems. When a third Heart Gem is collected the Heart Gem icons are removed.
  • Shows Bunston's remembered powers and whether they have been upgraded or not. Upgraded powers are marked with a star on the bottom-right corner of the icon.