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Only in Japan!
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This article is related to a game, manga series or other media that has not been released outside Japan. The coverage here may differ from what it would be in an official translation.

The Kemari (Japanese: けまり) is an item in Densetsu no Starfy 4, found in the Hidden Village of Koimaro (Stage 5-1). It is Koimaro's favorite ball. Koimaro likes to play with it with Shurikit.

In the story, the ball went missing and Koimaro traps Shurikit in his mouth. Koimaro and Shurikit ask Starfy to locate the Kemari for him. Shurikit promises to give Starfy a present for returning the ball if he can find it.

When Starfy, Starly and Moe return with the Kemari, Koimaro is very happy and blows Shurikit out of his mouth and into the distance. As a reward for helping, Koimaro rewards Starfy and others with the Maro Makeup Accessory.


  • The Kemari is based on a Mari ball from the Japanese athletic game Kemari, popular during the Heian (794–1185) and Kamakura (1185–1333) era.