Soaking in the Victory

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Viewing Soaking in the Victory from the Story menu

Soaking in the Victory (Japanese: スタフィー王子とランパ王子, Prince Stafy and Prince Rampa) is the 6th Story cartoon in The Legendary Starfy. In it, Moe jokes 'if only ma could see him in hot water with two princes, she'd flip out of her shell.' Bunston is surprised to hear the Starfy is a prince too, to which Starfy replies 'mmm hmm'. Moe says Starfy is a more of a royal slacker, shocking Starfy, but then says he thinks he's a great prince. Bunston agrees because Starfy helped him and Starfy didn't even know him. Starfy smiles. Moe says that's enough talk as they've got Shards to find. Starfy, Moe and Bunston begin a 'tooth-chattering trek' to Chillydip Cove hoping to find the remaining Shards.

Soaking in the Victory (3:53-5:32)