Okonomiyaki Town

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Several characters at Okonomiyaki Town. The town has multiple points of interest including the okonomiyaki stall run by Chuta and a cotton candy stall.

Okonomiyaki Town (Japanese: お好み焼き街) is a town in the Densetsu no Starfy manga illustrated by Yumiko Sudō that was visited by Starfy and Moe in the eighth and final chapter of volume 1; "False Starfy Appearance Fii!" and was briefly visited by Starfy in the nineteenth and final chapter of volume 2; The Sealed Jar and the Big Disturbance Fii!.

The town has multiple points of interest like a bakery and a cotton candy store, but the main attraction is an okonomiyaki pancake stall run by Chuta.

In "False Starfy Appearance Fii!", several characters went to buy Chuta's pancakes, but Doppel with Chorosuke tipped up the okonomiyaki stall to steal the pancakes and they pretended to be Starfy and Moe.

When Starfy and Moe visited the town to buy pancakes, Chuta thought they were Doppel and Chorosuke (who he thought were 'Starfy' and 'Moe'), and called the Taruika police to arrest them, after which they chased off Starfy and Moe and hit them on their heads with poles. After hiding from the Taruika police, Starfy and Moe spotted Chorosuke and Doppel and attacked them with his Star Spin, but the Taruika came to beat them all up. After the attack, Starfy and Moe got seperated and Starfy ended up with Chorosuke instead of Moe. It turned out that Moe was taken into Doppel's hideout on a small island. After Starfy and Chorosuke decided to work together as detectives, they caught Doppel running away and stopped him. After Doppel got tied up, Starfy, Moe and Chorosuke help Chuta make pancakes.

In "The Sealed Jar and the Big Disturbance Fii!", Okonomiyaki Town was one of the eight places Starfy visited using the Pufftop Vehicle after he got sucked into a long jar.