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Starfy and the second note

Something written on paper.. (Japanese: かみに なにか かかれている..) are two non-collectible items in Densetsu no Starfy 2, found in Ogura Castle (Stage 11-4). Given the use of the word 'washi' (Japanese: ワシ) and the laugh 'hohhohho' (Japanese: ホッホッホ) they were probably written by Old Man Lobber. They are interactable objects, like one of the Photographs from Yeeha Alpine (Stage 7-3). The first note is found through the top-right door, while the second note is found through the bottom-right door. Both notes tell Starfy how to remove the Stone Pillars.

Both notes read:

「オーグラめ イキなしかけを つくりおって.. じゃが このワシには つうよう せんぞ! ホッホッホ」
「せきぞうの もようを よくみて およいだり がんばりおよぎしたりすれば らくしょうじゃったわい..」