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This article's title is a fan name.
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Rock Bugs (conjectural name)
Japanese Name ?
Located Hotcha Springs
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Rock Bugs (conjectural name) are harmless "enemies" in The Legendary Starfy. They appear to be bugs that hide behind rocks. They do not appear in the Toys.

In Areas 2 and 3 of Hotcha Springs, Starfy can find piles of rocks that have larger rocks towards the bottom and smaller rocks towards the top. If Starfy hits a pile with his Star Spin, it may either cause the rocks to shake or the rocks to fall down. If they fall down, they will release a small amount of Pearls before the Rock Bug reassembles the rocks how they were. Pearls cannot be obtained from the same pile of rocks again unless Starfy enters a door and then returns to the room or the player restarts the Area.