Lobber's Villa

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Lobber's Villa
Lobber's Villa preview.png
Japanese name ロブのべっそう, Robu no Besso
Greater location Amiy Kingdom
Affiliations {{{affiliations}}}
Residents Old Man Lobber
Ruler {{{ruler}}}
Enemies Skiffler, Mopple, Slamclam, Fwip, Chokita, Seagulp, Whamster
Areas (levels) 4
Stage boss Konk
First appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4
Latest appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4

Lobber's Villa is the first stage in Densetsu no Starfy 4. It is very similar to Lobber's Cave.

City text

☆ぼうけんに しゅっぱつ☆
アミー王国の ロブじいさんの
べっそうだよ! ぼうけんの

"It's Old Man Lobber's villa in the Amiy Kingdom! The adventure is just beginning."

Pearl bonus

The following things can be touched on the touch screen of the Lobber's Villa City for a Pearl bonus.

  • Two fish in a pond: One small Pearl each
  • A sidestepping crab: One Pearl

Major events


This is the first area of Lobber's Villa, as well as the first level in the game.

  • Area 2

This is the second area of Lobber's Villa.

  • Area 3

This is the third area of Lobber's Villa.

  • Area 4

This is the last area of Lobber's Villa, where Starfy battles Konk. Upon entering the area, the player can encounter Mopple, Fwip, Slamclam, Seagulp, and Skiffler before facing Konk.