Bunneran Soldier

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Bunneran Soldier
Japanese Name ランパヘイシ, Rampa Soldier
Species Bunneran
Family Unknown
Affiliates Starfy, Bunnerans
Homeland Planet Bunnera
Location/Residence Bunnera Castle
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

The Bunneran Soldiers (Rampa Soldiers in Japan), also known as Bunneran Guards, are part of "an elite guard that keeps Planet Bunnera safe from harm," and first appeared in The Legendary Starfy. They appeared in that game, and urged Prince Bunston to escape after Mashtooth arrived at the planet in his intention to invade Planet Bunnera and steal the Bunnerans' special powers for himself.

Most of the Bunneran Soldiers, however, were knocked out by Mashtooth, and they weren't able to protect Prince Bunston. Instead, he fell back into his spaceship after being pushed by a Swabbie and the spaceship crashed into Starfy's room in the Kingdom of Pufftop after the Terrible Trio fired at his ship. This caused Bunston to forget about what happened that day and even his own identity. After Starfy (or Starly in Big Bossdown) defeated Mega Mashtooth, he/she fired The Moon into him, causing an explosion which caused dust to fall from the sky, healing the Bunnerans.

Side Quest

In the "Nasty Trappa" Side Quest, (which is located in Stage 8-4), one of the Bunneran soldiers is trapped on top of a platform. Starfy is asked to must get to the top, whilst avoiding a Trappa in order to save him.

The wounded Bunneran soldier from the "Nasty Trappa" Side Quest.

Soldier's Log

One of the Bunneran soldiers managed to escape and kept a log of what happened after Mashtooth's arrival in Planet Bunnera. The log is available as four notes in the Notes section in Moe's Case.

Note No.54

Bunneran Soldier's Journal - "The Last Boss, Pt. 1":

"Invaded by Huge red beast... So strong, it's scary! The truth behind Mashtooth is worse than we imagined. How can we fight something like that? Bunnera under attack! Explosions everywh---xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (the rest is illegible.)"

Note No.55

Bunneran Soldier's Journal - "The Last Boss, Pt. 2":

"Forces dwindling... Mashtooth is destryoing Bunnera! We have mobilized reinforcements! We need help badly! I hope Prince Bunston is safe...

Note No.56

Bunneran Soldier's Journal - "The Last Boss, Pt. 3":

"We had courage... Mashtooth is too strong... A miracle I'm still here... Whoever reads this... Please... destroy Mashtooth. But... When he charges... His attack... So powerful... Be... Be careful."

Toy description

"The Bunneran guard is part of the elite guard that keeps Bunnera safe from harm. The soldiers that were injured in Mashtooth's attack have all been healed!" (#0127)

Bunneran Soldier's Interview

In The Moe Show, Moe interviewed one of the Bunneran soldiers. Moe is surprised at how sensitive he seems to be.

  • Moe: It's the Moe Show...with me, Moe! Today's guest is a proud defender of Bunnera, a Bunneran soldier! Whoa, hold on a sec! Are you OK? You look pretty banged up. Can I help you somehow?
  • Bunneran Soldier: No, I'm OK. I just twisted my ankle when I was playing hide-and-seek with Prince Bunston. He's good! I fell pretty hard. But on the ground, I found this beautiful flower and wrote a poem about it!
  • Moe: Sensitive, poetry-writing soldiers? That's great. Now I've seen everything! Super sheesh!