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EvilLogo.png Boss: Numan EvilLogo.png
Japanese Name ヌマーン, Numān
Hitpoints 5
Affiliations Puchi Ogura #5
Fought at Large Tree's Forest
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 2
Latest Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 2

Numan is a boss in Densetsu no Starfy 2. She is known for draining water out of any area and sucking it all up. She is first seen in a flashback from Orisu in Stage 5-1 (Large Tree's Forest). Numan and Puchi Ogura #5 are responsible for separating Orisu from Korisu. In the flashback, Puchi Ogura #5 puts a cork at the bottom of a deep pool which Orisu and Korisu used to swim through, whilst Numan sucks up all of the water. This prevented Orisu and Korisu from reaching each other until Starfy removes the cork with three Star Spins, allowing water to fill up to the top again.

Numan and Puchi Ogura #5 appear.

Starfy and Moe find Puchi Ogura #5 with Numan in Stage 5-5. Puchi Ogura #5 asks Numan to suck up all of the water in a body of water which Starfy is in, much to the disdain of Moon who no longer has any water to swim through. Starfy is also unable to swim to the top and enter a door to the next room. Starfy solves the problem by removing another cork and Moon happily leaves.

After delaying Starfy with a puzzle where he has defeat two insects of the same colour shown on a block, Puchi Ogura #5 locks up Mitsugasago in a cell. Starfy frees Mitsugasago by cornering Puchi Ogura #5 and using his Star Spin to retrieve the Prison Bars Key that opens both Mitsugasago's cell and the next room. After 20 seconds of failing to catch Starfy, Puchi Ogura #5 gives up chasing him and Puchi Ogura #5, riding Numan wait to battle Starfy at the boss room.

In the boss battle with Numan, she will attempt to suck up Starfy and can create a current of water to try and pull Starfy inside of her mouth. The strength of the current becomes stronger when Numan has a low amount of health points left. If Starfy is sucked up or tries to attack Numan from the front he is spit out and loses one health point. Numan can hide in sand to prevent Starfy from being able to attack her until she comes out of it. Numan can also create fake mud clones of herself, which can't suck up Starfy. If Starfy attacks one, it will vanish after one Star Spin.