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The following is a list of soundtrack in Densetsu no Starfy 4, in the order that they appear in the Sea Jams (Legendary Concert). These can be unlocked after completion of the main game by purchasing them seperately from Maniankou's Shop and locating them in blue treasure chests for a total of 56 tracks. Music which the player has yet to unlock will appear as "☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆".

Three unused tracks were found in the game's sound data and have been embedded into this page in a separate section.

Page 1

Name Japanese name Romaji
1 Opening Demo オープニングデモ Ōpuningudemo
2 Lobber's Villa ロブのベっそう Robu no Bessō
3 Lobber's Villa City ロブのベっそうツシティ Robu no Bessō Shiti
4 Tree of Beginning はじまりの木 Hajimari no Ki
5 Tree of Beginning City はじまりの木シティ Hajimari no Ki Shiti

Page 2

Name Japanese name Romaji
6 Cupid Village キュピットむら Kyupitto Mura
7 Cupid Village City キュピットむらシティ Kyupitto Mura Shiti
8 Tear Lake ひきさきぬま Hikisaki Numa
9 Tear Lake City ひきさきぬまシティ Hikasaki Numa Shiti
10 Hidden Village of Koimaro こいマロのかくれざと Koimaro no Kakurezato

Page 3

Name Japanese name Romaji
11 Hidden Village of Koimaro City こいマロのかくれざとシティ Koimaro no Kakurezato Shiti
12 Flourishing Desert リュウリュウさばく Ryuuryuu Sabaku
13 Flourishing Desert City リュウリュウさばくシティ Ryuuryuu Sabaku Shiti
14 Thousand Year Hill せんねんやま Sennen Yama
15 Thousand Year Hill City せんねんやまやま Sennen Yama Shiti

Page 4

Name Japanese name Romaji
16 Old Tower ふるびたとう Furubita Tou
17 Old Tower City ふるびたとうシティ Furabita Tou Shiti
18 Degil's Castle デジールのしろ Dejīru no Shiro
19 Degil's Castle City デジールのしろシティ Dejīru no Shiro Shiti
20 Spring of Love あいのいずみ Ai no Izumi

Page 5

Name Japanese name Romaji
21 Conversation 1 かいわがめん1 Kaiwagamen 1
22 Conversation 2 かいわがめん2 Kaiwagamen 2
23 Conversation 3 かいわがめん3 Kaiwagamen 3
24 Kelkie's Theme ケルキーのテーマ Kerukī no Tēma
25 Propeller Bit's Theme プロペラビットのテーマ Puroperabitto no Tēma

Page 6

Name Japanese name Romaji
26 Angler's Theme アングラのテーマ Angura no Tēma
27 Kigurumi's Theme きぐるみのテーマ Kigurumi no Tēma
28 3-Minute Dish Theme 3ぷんでりょうりのテーマ 3 Pun de Ryouri no Tēma
29 A Boss Is Nearby! ボスはちかいぞ Bosu wa Kaizo
30 Confrontation with the Boss ボスとたいけつだ Bosu to Taiketsu da

Page 7

Name Japanese name Romaji
31 Boss Battle バトル・ボス Batoru・Bosu
32 Degil's Theme 1 デジールのテーマ1 Dejīru no Tēma 1
33 Degil's Theme 2 デジールのテーマ2 Dejīru no Tēma 2
34 Battle Degil バトル・デジール Batoru・Dejīru
35 Defeat Degil! デジールをたおせ! Dejīru o Taose!

Page 8

Name Japanese name Romaji
36 Tone of Ocean 海のねいろ Umi no Neiro
37 Pause Menu ポーズメニュー Pōzu menyū
38 Get Screen ゲットがめん Getto Gamen
39 File Select ファイルセレクト Fairu Serekuto
40 Picture Book ずかん Zukan

Page 9

Name Japanese name Romaji
41 Moe's House キョロスケさまのいえ Kyorosuke-sama no Ie
42 Shop おみせ Omise
43 Goods Screen グッズガめん Guzzu Gamen
44 Answers Card アンサーズカード Ansāzu Kādo
45 Stage Select ステージセレクト Suteji Serekuto

Page 10

Name Japanese name Romaji
46 Staff Roll 1 スタッフロール1 Sutaffu Rōru 1
47 Staff Roll 2 スタッフロール2 Sutaffu Rōru 2
48 Ending 1 エンディング1 Endingu 1
49 Ending 2 エンディング2 Endingu 2
50 Ending 3 エンディング3 Endingu 3

Page 11

Name Japanese name Romaji
51 The Starfy Dance スタフィーダンス Sutafī Dansu
52 Tone of Ocean Funky 海のねいろファンキー Umi no Neiro Fankī
53 Tone of Ocean Shamisen 海のねいろしゃみせん Umi no Neiro Shamisen
54 Game Over 1 ゲームオーバー1 Gēmuōbā 1
55 Game Over 2 ゲームオーバー2 Gēmuōbā 2

Page 12

Name Japanese name Romaji
56 Mattel's Theme マテルのテーマ Materu no Tēma

Unused Tracks

Below are soundtrack which appear in the game's sound data file, yet are never used in the final game. These soundtracks are inaccessible in the Legendary Concert, and do not appear to have names.

In addition to the three tracks below, additional soundtrack appears to be referenced in the game code, expanding as far as "SEQ_067" but do not appear to be accessible.

Data additionally exists at the end of the list of Legendary Concert track names for a song titled "No Tune 58" (Japanese: なしきょく58). However, it is probably just a placeholder to mark the end of the Legendary Concert, because there are a total of 57 songs indexed, including "☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆" which is listed as the first track.

Unknown 1
Unknown 2
Unknown 3