Chillydip Cove

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Chillydip Cove
Japanese name 氷ソーダのいずみ (Ice Soda Fountain)
Greater location
Residents Piplion, Puplion, Penguins
Ruler King Ping
Enemies Taddletog, Bobfin, Choby, Pingoons, Seagulp, Kappy, Pinglings, Mini Pings
Areas (levels) 7
Stage boss King Ping
First appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest appearance The Legendary Starfy

Chillydip Cove is the third stage in The Legendary Starfy. This land is widely inhabited by Penguins, and is ruled by King Ping. Starfy also meets Piplion and Puplion.

Major events


  • 3-1: Snow Starfy
  • 3-2: The Spin Is Mightier
  • 3-3: Bunston's New Power
  • 3-4: King Ping
  • 3-5: ???? (Secret 1)
  • 3-6: ???? (Secret 2)
  • 3-7: ???? (Secret 3)