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EvilLogo.png Boss: Rabiati EvilLogo.png
Japanese name ラビアーティー, Rabiātī
Hit Points 20
Attack Power Purple Potion and Smog Explosion: 15/16
Time Bomb: 12/8
Time Bomb Explosion: 16/17
Mechanical Fist: 17/18
Species Rabbit
Fought at Thousand Year Hill
First appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4
Latest appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4

Rabiati is a rabbit boss in Densetsu no Starfy 4. He attacks with potions, time bombs, and by shooting mechanical fists, though simply touching Rabiati will not harm Starfy. During the story, he kidnaps Mattel. Rabiati is left vulnerable throughout the boss battle, so he is easy to strike using a Star Spin, however he will attempt to stay airborne using a jet-pack; meaning Starfy has to perform an Air Jump in order to reach him.

Attack patterns

One of Rabiati's attacks involves dropping a purple potion which explodes into a smog after it hits the ground. The smog is an expanding cloud of purple gas resembling a rabbit-skull and crossbones, which disappears after a few seconds, though if Rabiati is on a lower amount of health points, up to three clouds will appear after the previous cloud has disappeared. If Starfy gets hit by the potion, or is in the vicinity of the smog, he will lose 15 or 16 health points.

Another one of Rabiati's attacks involves him releasing a time bomb that explodes within five seconds and bounces across the ground. If Starfy gets hit by the time bomb he will lose 12 or 8 health points and if he gets hit by the blast from the time bomb, he will lose 16 or 17 health points. If Starfy is able to hit the time bomb up to Rabiati and cause it to explode towards him, Rabiati will drop down in a daze, and the player will be able to easily do damage to him for a short time without him attacking you.

After taking damage, Rabiati will also start to attack by flying into the background and use his jet pack as a mortar to fire at Starfy with mechanical fists. If Starfy gets hit by Rabiati's fists, he will lose 17 or 18 health points.

When the player plays as Starly, Starly will not be able to reach Rabiati, and she will have to use the time bombs to get Rabiati to fall just so she can damage him.

Name Origin

  • Rabiarty’s name is a combination of rabbit, and Moriarty, an antagonist (and in some incarnations, a rival) to the detective Sherlock Holmes. This is most evident in how he refers to Starfy as “Starlock Polmes”, an analogue to Sherlock Holmes (which in itself originated from World 9 of Starfy 2)


  • Usually when re-fighting a boss, all or almost all of their attacks would receive an attack boost of 1. However, in the case of touching Rabiati's time bomb, instead of 13, it's attack power is reduced from 12 to 8. It is an irregularity, because all of Rabiati's other attacks including the Time Bomb explosion received the usual attack boost.