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Only in Japan!
StarlyKimono.PNG Gomen'nasai!
This article is related to a game, manga series or other media that has not been released outside Japan. The coverage here may differ from what it would be in an official translation.
Japanese Name モー,
Fan Name* Moo
Located Sea of Sky, Yeeha Alpine, Coral Coast
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy
Latest Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 3

Not to be confused with Moe.

Mo is an enemy, appearing to be a flying cow, that can be found in the Game Boy Advance games.

Method of attack

Despite being an enemy, a Mo will make no effort to attack Starfy or Starly, and they will instead try to fly away in fear. For these reasons, Starfy can mostly just avoid a Mo and carry on with the level, although one stage in Densetsu no Starfy 2 requires Starfy to defeat several Mos in order to progress.

A Mo can still damage Starfy or Starly by making contact with them, provided Starfy or Starly is not using a Star Spin.


  • Mo has almost the exact same name as Starfy's best friend, Moe the clam (known as Kyorosuke in Japanese versions). The reasons for this are unclear.
Mo's sprite