Mermaid (transformation)

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(Based on: Mermaid)
Starfy Unused Mermaid Stand.png
Japanese Name (マーメイド)
Family Unknown
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Starfy wearing the Mermaid Special that appears in the final game

There are unused sprites depicting Starfy and Starly wearing a mermaid costume. There are sprites of the mermaid making a hand gesture and moving her lips together, possibly as if blowing a kiss. There are sprites of stars surrounding the mermaid. The sleeping sprites depict the mermaid holding a pink bag and the mermaid withdrawing into its shell, similarly to the appearance of the save Mermaids. There are sprites of a large pink heart, circles of hearts and sprites of the large pink heart cracking.

In the final game, there is a Special called Mermaid (Japanese: マーメイドさん), which depicts Starfy and Starly wearing a mermaid costume similar to the unused sprites of the mermaid.