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Starfy Wiki is a Legendary Starfy encyclopedia that anyone can edit. There are 1,355 articles that have been created since May 30th, 2009.

As all wikis are, things can be complicated, especially for new editors and users. Below are a few helpful pages to help get you started.


  • Help:Editing — this page provides basic tips about how to edit pages, how to insert formatting into pages, etc.
  • Help:Talk page — this page introduces what a talk page, how to create one and our policy on signing talk page comments.
  • Starfy Wiki:Community portal — this portal provides lists of things to do, amongst various things.
  • Reverting edits — this page teaches you how to revert edits, when to revert edits, etc.
  • EmbedVideo — this helpful page teaches you about the video system on the wiki.
  • Welcome — this page teaches you how to use the Welcome tool.
  • Manual of style — Starfy Wiki's Manual of Style.
  • Codes for colors — Codes for colors
  • Talk pages — Talk pages help


General Information

  • Main Page — The Main Page of the wiki.
  • Staff — The people who are responsible for the site.
  • To-Do List — Starfy Wiki's current to-do list and projects.
  • About — this page is all about Starfy Wiki and its history.
  • IRC — Starfy Wiki's chat room.
  • Affiliates — Starfy Wiki's friends and affiliate sites.
  • Starfy Wiki:Administrators' noticeboard — a page where editors can quickly alert administrators to issues that need their attention.
  • Featured articles — Starfy Wiki's featured article system.