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Favorite Chocolate: Whose Hand!? (Japanese: 本命チョコは だれの手に!?, Honmei Choko wa Dare no Te ni) is the sixth chapter of the Densetsu no Starfy R manga.


The chapter begins in Pufftop Palace with Starfy and Moe making a "Moemi-chan" figure. Starfy comments that Starly is also making something and it is revealed that Starly is making a chocolate model of Coral. Starfy asks Starly why she is making something out of chocolate but Starly doesn't like Starfy asking. Moe asks Starfy if they are going to sell it and Starfy replies it seems so.

Suddenly, Starly dips her face into the bowl of chocolate she was using to make the Coral model, jumps up and exclaims that today is the 14th February (Valentine's Day). Starly touches a crystal ball and says she wants to give the chocolate as a love present. Starfy then thinks Mattel might give him some chocolate and Starfy dashes off with Moe to Amiy Castle, with Starly telling them farewell.

At the Amiy Castle, Starfy asks the Doorkeepers if Mattel is there and the Doorkeepers, with one of them asking whether Starfy is the prince of Pufftop tell Starfy and Moe to be nice and quick. Starfy and Moe walk through a narrow passage to see two presents on the floor, with one heart shaped and one box shaped. A Doorkeepers tells Starfy and Moe that Prince Coral is popular with women all over the country and Starfy starts to get discouraged at impressing Mattel but later Moe smells a sweet fragrance and Starfy asks where it's coming from. Starfy finds Mattel stirring dinner and comes in to greet Mattel in a posh suit with a rose in his mouth. Mattel greets Starfy back and Starfy asks her if she knows what day it is today. She says "oh", and Starfy starts showing her gifts while wearing his "otaku" suit.

Starfy shows her a catgirl figure but Starfy breaks it for some reason, saying it is "wrong". Later, Starfy shows her a Chogokin, which Starfy says the feeling of heaviness is irresistible but he also breaks it. Mattel offers Starfy some chocolate and Starfy is delighted and jumps for joy. Starfy leaves and asks Mattel to wait but Moe tells Starfy to wait a minute and tells him that Mattel may give some chocolate to somebody else. Starfy begins to think of the chocolate model Starly made and a chocolate model of Starly. Mattel begins to walk away and says that they are always friends. She shows Starfy to a room with a giant chocolate heart with the kanji '義理' on it and Starfy runs straight into it. Later Mattel is with Coral who gives her a heart shaped chocolate. Starly is watching and is angry.