Hidden Room Discovery!

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Hidden Room Discovery!

Hidden Room Discovery! (Japanese: かくし部屋発見!) is one of three manga based on The Legendary Starfy featured in the November 2008 issue of Enterbrain's Video Game Magazine on page 30. It was presumably created by Hitoshi Ogino, who made Defeat the Enemy! on page 28. The last of the three manga is Combined by Transformation! on page 32.



After the events of "Defeat the Enemy!", Starfy, Starly and Moe are underwater and Moe comments that a while ago Starfy looked good when he defeated the Fwips. Starfy is really happy to hear that and performs his Star Spin but Moe calls him an idiot. Starfy trips and he ends up making a hole in a wall. They discover that there is a room behind the wall. Starfy puts some sunglasses on and finds a Treasure Box. On the cell is the text "Treasure Object Get".