The Jellato Sisters

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The Jellato Sisters
Japanese Name クリオレたち, Kuriore-tachi
iQue Name* 海天使们, Hǎitiānshǐmen
Species Sea Angel
Affiliates Piplion, Starfy, Starly, Moe, Bunston
Location/Residence Sea of Ice, Slippery Iceberg, Kachiwari Iceberg, Chillydip Cove
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

The Jellato Sisters (Kuriore and others in Japan) are six sea angels. In The Legendary Starfy, they have X-shaped mouths and live in Chillydip Cove with their friend Piplion. They are white in color with a heart on their chests.

Exclusively to Densetsu no Starfy 2, the first three Jellato Sisters have separate names. These are Kuriora (Japanese: クリオラ), Kuriore (Japanese: クリオレ) and Kyuuriore (Japanese: キュウリオレ).


Densetsu no Starfy

In Densetsu no Starfy, the Jellato Sisters are first seen by Starfy in the Sea of Ice, in which they appear frozen in ice, apparently prior to Starfy's arrival, they were attempting to fight off the nasty swordfish Boerun, however he was too much for them and easily defeated them by having them headbutt each other, their impact caused icicles from the ice cave's ceiling to fall on to them thus freezing them, luckily they were found by the big lipped trio of Lovely, Loverin and Lovelove who requested Starfy's help in unfreezing them.

Densetsu no Starfy 2

In Densetsu no Starfy 2, three of the Jellato Sisters are seen by Starfy in Slippery Iceberg (Stage 4-1). In a flashback from Kuriore, the three are attacked by Puchi Ogura #4's fire-breath. To check that her sisters are well, Kuriore gives out two letters to Starfy (Letter 1 and Letter 2) and asks him to deliver them to the other two Jellato Sisters, Kuriora and Kyuuriore respectively. After Starfy locates them, they each leave a reply (Reply 1 and Reply 2) and Starfy has to give both replies to Kuriore. After Starfy delivers both replies, Kuriore happily opens the door behind her which leads to the next treasure chest, containing the Nuku Nuku Fur.

The same three Jellato Sisters are found again in Stage 4-5. After Puchi Ogura #4 freezes Moe, they help lead Starfy to a hot spring in order to thaw Moe out, however the Ukizzu are already in the pool. Starfy proceeds to find the Konbi, who turn into their flame form and help heat up the pool, which forces the Ukizzu to panic and jump out. The Jellato Sisters then throw Moe back into the pool to thaw him out.

Densetsu no Starfy 3

In Densetsu no Starfy 3, three of the Jellato Sisters are found in Kachiwari Iceberg (Stage 4-2). They appear to have horns, which they think are cool. Starfy eventually gives the Sewing Set to Saint Nak so that he can repair a tear in his Sack of Presents. In return, he gives Starfy the Reindeer Band, which Starfy must give to the Jellato Sisters. The Jellato Sisters begin to wear reindeer horns. In their return, they reward Starfy with the Huggy Jellato Accessory and the Curved Horns. Starfy now has all the materials required for Fukafuka to make the Kigurumi ability — the Wool, the Sewing Set and the Curved Horns.

Name Origin

  • Kuriore is based on クリオネ/Kurione, or Cliones, one of the names for Sea Angels. The たち/Tachi part of their name denotes a group.



A character resembling one of the Jellato Sisters minus the heart, appearing out of the Chef's Hat Accessory in Densetsu no Starfy 4
  • While there are six of them, only three are usually around.
  • In The Legendary Starfy, three of the Jellato Sisters are trapped inside of bubbles within a current, and if the player returns to the current they were in after completing the stage it is possible to find the other three.
  • Densetsu no Starfy 4 is the only The Legendary Starfy game where they don't appear. However, there are two characters resembling the Jellato Sisters.
    • A character will appear out of the Chef's Hat (Japanese: シェフのぼう) Accessory that resembles a Jellato Sister without the heart, if the player blows into the microphone.
    • A similar angel character appears whenever Starfy or Starly use the Monamu Heal SP ability.
  • In The Legendary Starfy, Moe states that they are hard to tell apart.
  • Originally, in at least Densetsu no Starfy, they used boku; a stereotypically masculine pronoun, before becoming known as sisters in the English versions of The Legendary Starfy.[1]
  • In the Japanese version of The Legendary Starfy, when a Jellato Sister gets interviewed in the Moe Show, they mention that the sibling that says "chu" is the oldest one, meaning that Kyūriore is the eldest of the group.
  • In the same conversation, the Jellato Sister uses the word 兄弟/Kyodai to refer to the others. This is the same word used to refer to Moe's Family, meaning that are brothers amongst the Jellato Sisters. This is supported by the Jellato Sister referring to the Jellato Sister that goes “chu” as the eldest or first-born son. See the definition of 長男/Chounan.
  • In Starfy 1, the Jellato Sisters call themselves the "guardian fairies" of the Sea of Ice. This seems to be unique to this game, as most others do not reference this or a separate name (such as the Jellato Rangers in Starfy 2) is used.


  1. Quote: やめろー! どっかいけー! ぼくたちの海を あらすなー! ("Hey! Get out of here! Leave our [boku-tachi] sea alone").