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Only in Japan!
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This article is related to a game, manga series or other media that has not been released outside Japan. The coverage here may differ from what it would be in an official translation.
Japanese Name ルミちゃん
Species Human
Affiliates Takeo
Homeland Presumably the Human World, 人間界
Location/Residence Human World
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy (Yumiko Sudō)
Latest Appearance Densetsu no Starfy (Yumiko Sudō)

Rumi-chan is a human character who only appears in the Densetsu no Starfy manga by Yumiko Sudō. She is friends with Takeo. Takeo has a crush on her.

Takeo was going to show his Game Boy Advance to Rumi-chan, but then the jar fell right on his hands, causing the Game Boy Advance to fall and break. Shortly afterwards Starfy and Old Man Lobber land on Takeo. Despite the incident, Takeo ends up helping Starfy and Old Man Lobber get back to their world.

Rumi-chan tells a friend that she saw a shooting-star like creature (Starfy) fall from the sky and her friend replies that she also saw one. Takeo tries to impress Rumi-chan, telling her that he is a close friend of him, to which Rumi-chan replies "really!?". Rumi-chan waves goodbye to Takeo but Takeo runs away with the jar and stomps on Starfy and Old Man Lobber. Later, Rumi-chan plays with Starfy and Takeo and Rumi-chan show him a dog but Starfy injures himself but later makes a recovery thanks to Old Man Lobber. Rumi-chan is about to give a gift to Takeo but Starfy uses his Star Spin and causes debris to fall on him, Takeo and Old Man Lobber so Rumi-chan can't find him and wonders if she made a mistake.

While Starfy and Old Man Lobber try to find a way back to Pufftop, Rumi-chan invites them and Takeo to the pool. This worries Takeo as he cannot swim, but he could not refuse the offer. Once they arrive at the pool, they have to deal with Konk. They discover that Konk can wrap between worlds while fighting. So Starfy and Old Man Lobber have to sneak into Konk's portal. Once they successfully got through, Takeo trapped Konk in the jar. Later he noticed that Starfy tried to fix his Game Boy Advance before he left. Takeo was feeling grateful until Boctopus appeared and broke it again.