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Search for Treasure Fii! (Japanese: お宝を探すフィー!, Otakara o Sagasu Fī!) is the fifth chapter of the first volume of the Densetsu no Starfy manga illustrated by Yumiko Sudō. It follows on some time after the events of chapter 4.


The chapter begins with Starfy and Moe under the sea. Moe thinks about Ruby and imagines that she would go on a date with him if he gave her something sparkly like a diamond. Starfy asks Moe to play with him but Moe tells Starfy not to 'haunt' him just because Old Man Lobber is no longer with him. Moe mentions he needs something sparkly for a date and Starfy says he will give Moe something if he's dating. Moe tells Starfy her name and says that she is pretty.

Starfy mishears Ruby's name has 'Hagehirari' (Japanese: はげヒラリさん) and thinks of a bald man with Ruby's body because 'hage' means 'bald'. Moe shouts at Starfy and Starfy swims away looking for something sparkly. Starfy finds Kuriore who is in pain. Starfy asks "what's wrong?" and Kuriore replies that she accidentally hurt herself. Starfy picks her up and says she is safe with him and Kuriore thanks Starfy. Moe comes around and asks if Starfy found anything sparkly but then stops when he sees Kuriore. Kuriore says that there are a lot of sparkly things around the area and Moe is delighted to hear it but he wraps Kuriore in bandages and covers her in ointment, antiseptic and a plaster, shocking Starfy.

Moe asks for Kuriore's name and Kuriore tells him. Starfy also tells Kuriore his name. Starfy and Moe swim across the sea with Kuriore riding on top of Starfy's head. Starfy comments that the sea is cold and Moe shivers. Moe is surprised to see that they have arrived at Sea of Ice. Kuriore says she is sorry and asks if Starfy is also cold. Kuriore keeps rubbing Starfy's back trying to make him warmer and Starfy laughs and thanks her but says that it's all right. Starfy jumps on to an iceberg called Kuriore's Iceberg and slips across the ice. Kuriore asks Starfy if this is the first time he has slipped across the ice and Starfy replies it is. Starfy tells Kuriore about Pufftop above the clouds.

Starfy keeps on slipping across the ice with Kuriore on his back and also tells her about how Old Man Lobber had gone missing. Kuriore tells Starfy to cheer up and starts rubbing his back again, so Starfy thanks Kuriore but he is unaware that he is about to hit Moe, who is standing in front of him saying he is cold. Starfy knocks Moe straight into some hard ice and then he bounces off the ice and falls into a hole. Injured, Moe gets up to see someone who he believes to be Ruby and Moe is excited to see her. On a closer inspection, it turns out to be Lovely, horrifying Moe.

Starfy and Kuriore find Lovely in the hole and Kuriore asks why she is "in a place like this?". Meanwhile, Boerun is underneath the ice and drills a hole through the ice, saying that Sea of Ice belongs to him. Lovely, Kuriore, Starfy and Moe are shocked to see Boerun (who Lovely knows) and they all fall into the sea. Boerun chases after them and fires an icy blast towards Starfy. The blast hits Kuriore and traps her inside of an ice block.

Starfy picks up Kuriore and decides to travel to a location that is warmer while Boerun is chasing him. Starfy tries to rub the ice block with his hands to try and unfreeze Kuriore but it doesn't work. Moe believes Starfy is in danger, but Boerun changes directions and goes for him. Starfy starts to cry because he can't unfreeze Kuriore. Lovely warns Starfy that Moe is also in danger of being frozen if he does not act quickly, so Starfy goes to attack Boerun with his Star Spin. He ends up making Boerun fall head first into ice and this makes a hot spring appear that thaws Kuriore out. Starfy is delighted to see Kuriore out of the ice again. They make it out of the water near Kuriore's house, so Starfy and Moe leave her there with Lovely.

Moe finally finds a Treasure Box full of sparkling diamonds and Moe finds them perfect for a date. Unfortunately, water from the hot spring goes inside the Treasure Box and the diamonds start to melt. The chapter ends after Moe knocks the Treasure Box away and all the remaining diamonds fall into the sea.