The Pufftop Legends

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The Pufftop Legends (Japanese: テンカイヘイシの むかしばなし, Tenkai Soldier Folktales) are stories told by various Pufftop Guards and Starly at Pufftop in The Legendary Starfy that reference all previous games from the The Legendary Starfy series.

Pufftop Legends

Super Elite Soldier Story No. 1

Pufftop Guard: This was an adventure that happened many, many years ago. One day, in the land of Pufftop, a slightly scatterbrained young prince dropped a jar into the sea. But this was no normal jar, for inside it was sealed away... An evil monster!

Starly: Yeah, right! How can an evil monster fit in a jar?

Pufftop Guard: Lady Starly, would you like to hear the story or not?

Starly: Yeah, who's stopping you?

Pufftop Guard: A terrible storm rolled across the sky, and it violently churned the seas as well as the clouds... The prince was swept away by the storm and tossed headlong into the sea to fend for himself.

Starly: Tossed into the sea, huh? If that happened to me, I wouldn't be worried, I'm a great swimmer!

Pufftop Guard: Honestly, Lady Starly, you should keep the interruptions to a minimum...AHEM! Shall I go on?

Starly: Nah... Lemme guess: His courage made the prince a legend in Pufftop! Right? I'm right, right?!

Pufftop Legend #2

Pufftop Guard: A long, long time ago, there was a bumbling, careless prince of Pufftop. And a mean old man who had been sealed away in a jar for decades. However, the evil man escaped from the jar and kidnapped the prince's mother!

Starly: Whaa--?! The baddie kidnapped the queen? That's terrible! What happened next?!

Pufftop Guard: The prince set out with his friends to save the queen, of course! Eventually, they-- Hmm... You know, I think this tale is really about the importance of connections between people!

Starly: Connections between people... Ohhhhh, I really miss my brother all of a sudden. He's really great! I even miss his friend, Moe, too! Hm... Actually, that's not true, I just miss Starfy!

Pufftop Legend #3

Pufftop Guard: Long ago in Pufftop, there was a baddie who was even tougher than the regular baddies.

Starly: Hm... A "baddie" sounds too cute to be all that bad!

Pufftop Guard: Anyway, so in the kingdom, a careless prince and his little sis saved the castle from the baddie!

Starly: Hmm... This all sounds very familiar somehow...

Pufftop Guard: Ahahaha! Well, they say deja vu is when the mind plays tricks on you! Playing TRICKS, I say!

Starly: Uhh, OK...I'm just going to get back to defending Pufftop. OK? OK.

Legends of Pufftop #4, Starly Edition!

Starly: So, uhh, this legend happened not all that long ago... A young girl came to visit Pufftop and she was, like, "Ahh, my home is being attacked! Please help!"

Pufftop Guard: And so the young girl and her brother decided to help save Pufftop. Is that correct?

Starly: Yeah! I totally learned all kinds of really important stuff on that journey! It was super cool!

Pufftop Guard: Wow. So this must have been quite a hallowing adventure... For this young girl.

Starly: Um...Yeah! Harrowing... But in a fun way. For her... The girl, I mean.

Pufftop Guard: Lady Starly, what's the matter? Are you embarrassed? Your face is turning red.

Starly: My face is always red! Or pink at least, heheh. Outta mah way, Pufftop must be saved again!

Legend of Pufftop #5

Pufftop Guard: Hehehe... This one's really good, I promise... Don't tell anyone, OK? The story of the careless, and somewhat clumsy, prince is not quite over. This all happened about ten years ago. A sleepy little fellow who looks a lot like Prince Starfy, and his clammy friend... Fell from Pufftop into the ocean and started an adventure...

Starly: "Clammy friend?" Sure sounds like my brother and that shellhead pal of his... Wait. Did that story really happened at Pufftop?

Pufftop Guard: Oh yes, many, many years before you were even born, Lady Starly. You can ask any of the soldiers! They'll tell you all about how the sister kept a close watch over her very careless brother...

Starly: ...What? Are you trying to tell me something? I get it, all right? I'll always protect my brother!

Locations of each legend

  • Super Elite Soldier Story No. 1 = Pufftop 9-1
  • Legend of Pufftop #2 = Pufftop 9-2
  • Legend of Pufftop #3 = Pufftop 9-4
  • Legends of Pufftop #4, Starly Edition! = Pufftop 9-5
  • Legend of Pufftop #5 = Pufftop 9-7

The Legends of Pufftop Meaning

The game each legend is referencing to

The characters, places, and things

  • The prince, brother, sleepy little fellow = Starfy.
  • The sister, young girl = Starly.
  • The clammy friend = Moe.
  • The evil monster, old man, baddie = Ogura.
  • Jar = the jar.
  • The prince's mother, queen = Mama Star.
  • The tough baddie = Evil.
  • The young girl = Mattel.
  • The young girl's home = Amiy Kingdom.