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The Story menu with the first cutscene - The Adventure Begins selected

Story (Japanese: ストーリー) is an option in Moe's Case in The Legendary Starfy. It allows the player to replay a total of 24 cartoons (or manga as they are called in the Japanese version), after they are first shown throughout important events in the game. There are two hidden cutscenes, "Starly's Ending" (No. 23) and "The Missing Chapter" (No. 24) which are only unlockable after completion of the main game.

List of Story cartoons

Number Name Japanese Name
01 The Adventure Begins オープニング,
02 The First Shard さいしょのカケラ,
First Shard
03 A Sudden Flashback ランパのきおく,
Rampa's Memory
04 Head for Hotcha Springs カケラをもっとあつめよう,
Collect More Fragments
05 Prince Bunston…?! ランパ…王子,
Prince Rampa…?
06 Soaking in the Victory スタフィー王子とランパ王子,
Prince Stafy and Prince Rampa
07 The Big Find 見つかった!,
08 Starfy Chills Out のん気なスタフィー,
Carefree Stafy
09 Don't Mess with Starly スタピーも大かつやく?,
Stapy Outstanding Performance?
10 Three Odd Goons ナゾのワルモノ3人ぐみ,
3 Mysterious Bad Guys
11 Ronk, Papes, and Snips ジャンケンポンさんじょう,
Jankenpon Disastrous Scene
12 Goal in Sight 見えてきた 『きぼう』,
Show "Hope"
13 The Shattered Spaceship こわされたうちゅせん,
Smashed Spaceship
14 Memory Shards カケラのしょうたいは?,
Fragment's True Colors?
15 Meanwhile… あやうし! ランパ星,
Watch Out! Planet Rampa
16 A Heavy Conscience ジャンケンポンのはんせい,
Jankenpon's Regret
17 Bunnera in Danger ぽろぽろ…ランパ星,
Poro poroPlanet Rampa
18 The Paper-Cut Crusher ジャンケンアターーーック!
Janken Attaaaack!
19 Mashtooth's Master Plan ランパ星とダイール,
Planet Rampa and Daīru
20 Friends to the Rescue トモダチっていいね,
Good to be Friends
21 Mega Mashtooth さいきょうダイール!,
Strongest Daīru!
22 Starfy's Ending エンディング1 (スタフィー),
Ending 1 (Stafy)
23 Starly's Ending エンディング1 (スタピー),
Ending 1 (Stapy)
24 The Missing Chapter エンディング2,
Ending 2