The Legendary Starfy/Stage 1-3: Mysterious Powers

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Stage 1-3: Mysterious Powers (Japanese: 男の子とフシギなチカラ, The Boy and the Mysterious Powers) is the third area of Gluglug Lagoon in The Legendary Starfy.


Starfy and Moe catch up with Big Squiddy and are terrified. The space kid that was caught by Big Squiddy earlier calls to them, asking for their help. Moe encourages Starfy. Starfy gets a taste of the space kid's abilities. When he jumps to save the kid, they transform Starfy into a dragon like creature to save them.

RAWWWR! Use your Spicy Belly to belch out scorching flames!

A mini-boss battle starts. Starfy defeats Big Squiddy easily, saving the kid. the kid is freaking out, as is Moe. Unfortunately Moe wasn't able to help, as his shell got caught on some seaweed. He asks the kid what's been going on, where he came from and how he ended up crashing through Pufftop. Unfortunately the kid doesn't remember a thing, so Moe comes to the conclusion that the kid has amnesia. They return the crystal Starfy found earlier to them, and they remember something, and they get a flashback.


"Over there!"

"I see his ears!"


The kid jumps from a pillar and runs into a crowd.



As they're beating up those in the crows, they're caught off guard and knocked inside a ship, landing on the start button. The ship then takes off into the sky.

"Get him, you fools!"

"Bring Bunston to me!"


When the flashback ends, the kid says that their head hurts whenever they remember something. Moe thinks Big Squiddy caused the pain. The kid then begins to freak out, telling Starfy and Moe to stay away from them. They then exclaim that Starfy and Moe are both bad guys, trying to trick them by pretending that they want to help them. Moe tries to give the crystal back to them, but the kid takes off running.

Moe gets angry, and tells Starfy that they have to follow them.


Sub-Game Room 2

After entering a Sub-Game room, you encounter Herman and Fork. Fork asks Herman if he's ready to race, him but Herman claims that he hurt his claw while training. Since Starfy is around, Herman asks Starfy to race for him.

When Starfy beats Fork, Fork claims that Starfy must know about the 'secret training grounds'.


After entering another door, Starfy outswims Big Squiddy, escaping to another door. He finds Sunglasses in a treasure chest.

In the next room, Starfy outswims Big Squiddy once more.

Starfy finds Moe in the next room. Moe lost track of the kid, and he can't find them, so Moe suggests to 'sniff around for a bit'.

Starfy finds a Mysterious Journal in a treasure chest.

NOTES #3 - Mysterious Journal: "Who Am I?"

I am terribly worried. My memory seems to be a blank state. Who are these people chasing me? When I try to remember anything, my head throbs terribly... I must remember...


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