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The Journal menu from The Legendary Starfy

The Journal option (Japanese: イベント, Events) is a Moe's Case option in The Legendary Starfy. It includes 32 descriptions about the main plot and descriptions for all 24 Side Quests. In the localisations, Journal entries that the player has unlocked are marked with a green tick, while in Densetsu no Stafy Taiketsu! Daīru Kaizokudan, they are marked with a red marujishi ('◯ mark') (see here for more information).

List of Journal entries

Main Story

No. Stage Name Japanese name Message
1 1-1
(Gluglug Lagoon)
The Adventure Begins ぼうけんの はじまり,
Bouken no Hajimari
Starfy sets out on an adventure to find the strange visitor and arrives in Gluglug Lagoon.
2 1-2
(Gluglug Lagoon)
The Star Spin スピンアタックでやっつけろ,
Supin Atakku de Yattsukero
Herman's pet fish were swallowed by a Goblup! Starfy has to use his Star Spin to rescue them.
3 1-3
(Gluglug Lagoon)
Mysterious Powers 男の子と フシギなチカラ,
Otoko no Ko to Fushigina Chikara
Starfy found the strange visitor from the sky! With his mysterious power, Bunston transformed Starfy into a fire-breathing Monstar!
4 1-4
(Gluglug Lagoon)
Big Squiddy イカのぎゃくしゅう,
Ika no Gyakushuu
The giant squid carried a shard into the creepy depths of the ocean. Starfy is now in pursuit...
5 2-1
(Hotcha Springs)
Sinking like a Boulder 岩で みちをきりひらこう,
Iwa de Michi o Kirihirakou
A furious turtle is dropping boulders! Starfy has to find a way to use them to continue on...
6 2-2
(Hotcha Springs)
Turn Up the Heat おんせんを あたためよう!,
Onsen o Atatameyou!
Old Man Lobber's hot-spring water is barely lukewarm. Starfy has to team up with Bunston to heat up his bath!
7 2-3
(Hotcha Springs)
Save the Squirts ヤリイカーズを たすけ出せ!,
Yariikāzu o Tasuke Dase!
The Squirts have all disappeared somewhere! Starfy has to find them to help Squirt #1.
8 2-4
(Hotcha Springs)
Go After the Squirts ヤリイカさんを おえ!,
Yariika-san o Oe!
Starfy and his friends have been taken away by a giant hot-spring turtle! They have to hurry and find Squirt #1.
9 3-1
(Chillydip Cove)
Breaking the Ice 氷ソーダのいずみ,
Kōri Sōda no Izumi
Following the Squirts' advice, Starfy has set off for Chillydip Cove. He can use his Star Spin to break the ice!
10 3-2
(Chillydip Cove)
Save the Jellato Sisters クリオレたちを たすけ出せ!,
Kuriore tachi o Tasuke Dase
The Jellato Sisters are caught in the current! Use your powered-up Star Spin to swim against the current and rescue them.
11 3-3
(Chillydip Cove)
Transform into Starpedo へんしん! キューゴマ,
Henshin! Kyūgoma
Bunston can transform Starfy into Starpedo; a sleek and speedy seal pup!
12 3-4
(Chillydip Cove)
A Snowballing Problem ゴロゴロゆきだま,
Gorogoro Yukidama
King Ping's penguin minions turned Starfy into a giant snowball! Will he ever stop rolling?
13 4-1
(Sogwood Forest)
Light the Way キノコランプとコケのみち,
Kinoko Ranpu to Koke no Michi
After being punted through the air by King Ping, Starfy and friends arrive in a dark, soggy forest. Use the mushroom lamps to light his way!
14 4-2
(Sogwood Forest)
The Tippy Top of the Tree 高い 高い木のてっぺん,
Takai Takai Ki no Teppen
To get out of the stinky forest, Starfy and the gang have to climb the trees and swim through the soggy air.
15 4-3
(Sogwood Forest)
A Supernatural Chase ききせまる おいかけっこ,
Kiki Semaru Oi Kakekko
Starfy finally meets the bad guys who have been chasing Bunston! But one of them has a giant shield. Watch out, Starfy!
16 4-4
(Sogwood Forest)
Rock-Paper-Scissor Rumble げきとう ジャンケンポン!, Gekitou Jankenpon Starfy and his fellow adventurers are almost out of the woods, but Snips, Ronk and Papes are waiting for them...
17 5-1
(Glitzem Grotto)
Go After Shurikit ニャンジャを おって,
Nyanja o Otte
Press the switch to fill the room with water. Where did Shurikit and the bad guys run off to?
18 5-2
(Glitzem Grotto)
A Wild Ride トロッコ大ぼうそう,
Torokko Dai Bousou
The brakes don't work on this cart! AGHHH! But... It's kind of fun! Might as well keep delving deeper into the cave.
19 5-3
(Glitzem Grotto)
Air Jump きわめる だぶるじゃんぷ,
Kiwameru Daburu Janpu
Shurikit is in trouble! Use your Air Jump to help. But why does Moe look so happy?
20 5-4
(Glitzem Grotto)
Fight in the Tunnels トロッコ大けっせん,
Torokko Dai Kessen
It's a showdown with Ronk on the mine cars! Block his attacks and fire away. Kaboooom!
21 6-1
(Skydye Heights)
Make Goblup Cough Up the Door 大きな魚から トビラをとりもどせ,
Ookina Sakana Kara Tobira o Torimodose
A humongous fish has swallowed the door! Feed him until he gets so full that he has to spit out the door.
22 6-2
(Skydye Heights)
Rainbow Droplets にじのしずく,
Niji no Shizuku
Go with Ronk and Papes to Skydye Heights and find some medicine! They were hurt in the mine cars.
23 6-3
(Skydye Heights)
Herbert's Heartburn おそわれたヤドリン,
Osowareta Yadorin
Terrified Herbert is turning into jelly... Over Jellysquish! Your Star Spin is now even more powerful, so use it to save him from an unspeakably slimy fate!
24 6-4
(Skydye Heights)
Rescue Ruby ハデヒラリンさんの しんぱいごと,
HadeHirari-san no Shinpaigoto
Ruby got gulped by a massive fish! Moe has gone into a complete state of panic, so you better help her fast!
25 7-1
(S.S. Logwater)
One Tricky Ship やっかいな ワルモノとしかけ,
Yakkaina Warumono to Shikake
This mysterious shipwreck must be fall of dangerous traps and tricks. You better use anything that looks useful.
26 7-2
(S.S. Logwater)
Like a Shooting Star きわめろ! りゅうせいアタック,
Kiwamero! Ryuusei Atakku
Use your Shooting Star attack to free the Bilge Monkeys. Up ahead, there are even more places to put it to use...
27 7-3
(S.S. Logwater)
Shark Bait サメゴンのエサに⋯?,
Samegon no Esani…?
ACK! MEGA SNARK! Quick, hide behind the sunken ship's big wooden masts. It's your only chance!
28 7-4
(S.S. Logwater)
The Final Shard さいごのカケラのゆくえ,
Saigo no Kakera no Yukue
At last, the final shard! But before that, you've got to do something about that shark. Maybe you should just give up and let him swallow you...
29 8-1
(Planet Bunnera)
Floating like a Star うちゅうフワフワと スタフィー,
Uchuu Fuwafuwa Sutafī
Starfy! Quit having so much fun goofing off in low gravity. You've got to get to Bunston's castle!
30 8-2
(Planet Bunnera)
Start the Cosmic Express うちゅうれっしゃを うごかせ!,
Uchuu Ressha o Ugokase!
Modo is ready. If you can get the Cosmic Express moving, he'll take you straight to Bunston's castle!
31 8-3
(Planet Bunnera)
Pirates on Board! ダイールかいぞくだんとの たたかい,
Daīru Kaizokudan Tono Tatakai
Mashtooth's minions have finally shown up. Defend the Cosmic Express and make sure they don't derail your plans, Starfy!
32 8-4
(Planet Bunnera)
Showdown with Mashtooth たいけつ! ダイール!,
Taiketsu! Daīru!
This is it: the final showdown with Mashtooth, the fearsome space pirate! It'll take every ounce of your power to take him down. Go for it, Starfy!

Side Quests

No. Stage Name Japanese name Message
1 1-2
(Gluglug Lagoon)
Herman's Red Pearls ドカリタの おつかい,
Yadokarita no Otsukai
Search for the red pearls! Herman needs them to buy food for his Coddies!
2 1-3
(Gluglug Lagoon)
Race with Fork フォークとおいかけっこ!,
Fōku to Oi Kakekko
Fork looks like he's one fast swimmer, but Herman needs you to take his place and beat this speedster in a race!
3 1-4
(Gluglug Lagoon)
The Masked Catfish ナマズドンと チカラくらべ,
Namazudon to Chikara Kurabe
Fat Cat is one beefy fish! Use your Star Spin to push the big fella back. Who will win?
4 2-2
(Hotcha Springs)
In the Dark まっくらやみと ロブじいさん,
Makkurayami to Robu-jiisan
Transform into Monstar and shed some light on this dark room.
5 2-3
(Hotcha Springs)
A Little Lost まいごになっているのは⋯? ,
Maigo ni Natteiru no wa⋯?
Shhhh... Listen! Where is that voice coming from? Someone must be around here...
6 2-4
(Hotcha Springs)
Dash Through the Hot Spring ヤリイカーズの やたら 『いせい』 のいいおふろやさん,
Yariikā-zu no Yatara "Isei" no Ii Ofuroyasan
Only the Squirts can dash through this hot-spring obstacle course. Make it to Bawss as fast as you can!
7 3-2
(Chillydip Cove)
Snow-Shovel Mission ゆきかきミッション,
Yukikaki Misshon
King Ping's minions have made a massive pile of snowballs. They have to be up to no good! Smash their snowballs to put the freeze on their evil plan.
8 3-3
(Chillydip Cove)
Jumping Through Hoops とんではねて! わっかくぐり,
Tondehanete! Wakkakuguri
Transform into Starpedo and jump through the rings! How many can you leap through before time runs out?
9 3-4
(Chillydip Cove)
Protect the Treasure おいしいオヤツを まもりぬけ!,
Oishii Oyatsu o Mamorinuke!
King Ping's goons are trying to steal snacks! Don't let them take the tasty treat.
10 4-2
(Sogwood Forest)
Secret of the Zunbies ゾンビィ伝説,
Zonbyi Densetsu
Moe is trying to uncover the truth behind the Zunbie infestation! Can you help him discover the secret?
11 4-3
(Sogwood Forest)
The Lost Treasure Chest なくした だいじなたからばこ,
Nakushita Daijina Takara Bako
A treasure chest with something fabulously important inside was dropped in the stinky swamp. Try to find it!
12 4-4 The Mushroom Farm キノコばたけをあらすヤツ,
Kinoko Batake o Arasu Yatsu
Old Man Vern has been worried sick about his trampled mushroom farm. Protect it for him!
13 5-2
(Glitzem Grotto)
Kittana and the Mine-Car Battle - Part 1 ニャンゾーと トロッコたいけつ1,
Nyanzō to Torokko Taiketsu 1
Fend of Kittana's attacks until you reach the goal!
14 5-3
(Glitzem Grotto)
Air Jump competition だぶるじゃんぷで きょうそうだ,
Daburu Janpu de Kyousou da
Use your Air Jump to defeat Shurikit! Keep calm and cool like a ninja to win.
15 5-4
(Glitzem Grotto)
Kittana and the Mine-Car Battle - Part 2 ニャンゾーと トロッコたいけつ2,
Nyanzō to Torokko Taiketsu 2
Try to hold out against Kittana's ninja-fast attacks. Wait for an opening, then strike!
16 6-2
(Skydye Heights)
Behind the Mask マスク ・ ド ・ ナマズ,
Masuku ・ Do ・ Namazu
This masked opponent must be Fat Cat, right? Put your back into it, Starfy! PUSHHHHH!
17 6-3
(Skydye Heights)
Juggle This レッツ リフティング,
Rettsu Rifutingu
Looks like Herman [sic] can't get enough juggling! Can you beat his record?
18 6-4
(Skydye Heights)
Gliding By どこまでとべるかな?,
Doko Made Toberu Ka Na?
Use your Glide ability to beat Herman's [sic] jumping record.
19 7-2
(S.S. Logwater)
Shooting Star Attack りゅうせいアタックチャーーーンス!,
Ryuusei Atakku Chā~~nsu!
Use your Shooting Star attack to get to the top of the cliff! If you have trouble, ask the Bilge Monkeys!
20 7-3
(S.S. Logwater)
Mega Snark's Snack サメゴンに のみこまれたのは?,
Samegon ni Nomikoma Reta no wa?
Do you remember hearing that voice from somewhere before? Keep your ears to the wind and chase the moving voice.
21 7-4
(S.S. Logwater)
Shuffle Fork シャッフルフォーク,
Shaffuru Fōku
Watch the treasure chest Fork hides in really closely! By the way, could Moe really be that scared?
22 8-2
(Planet Bunnera)
Ghosts in Space まどの外のユーレイ?,
Mado no Soto no Yūrei?
What's outside the window? How many are there? Take a good luck and count them!
23 8-3
(Planet Bunnera)
Outside the Window まどの外のゆーふぉー?,
Mado no Soto no Yūfō?
Mashtooth's pirates are on the attack! Concentrate and count them all.
24 8-4
(Planet Bunnera)
Nasty Trappa いじわるトラッパー,
Ijiwaru Torappā
Avoid the Trappa and go help the Bunneran soldiers before it's too late!

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