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Only in Japan!
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This article is related to a game, manga series or other media that has not been released outside Japan. The coverage here may differ from what it would be in an official translation.
Densetsu no Starfy 4
Densetsu no Starfy 4.png
Developer(s) TOSE/Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Director(s) Azusa Tajima[1]
Producer(s) Yasuhiro Minamimoto,
Hitoshi Yamagami
Character Design Possibly Koutarou Shinoki
Composer(s) Morihiro Iwamoto
Release date(s) Japan</span April 13, 2006
Genre "Marine Action" game (platformer with elements of swimming in the water)
Rating(s) CERO: CERO: All ages
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Mode(s) Single player
Serial code(s) NTR-A4DJ-JPN

Densetsu no Starfy 4 (Japanese: 伝説のスタフィー4, literally Legendary Starfy 4 or Legend of Starfy 4) is the fourth game in The Legendary Starfy series. It is the first one for the Nintendo DS. It has only been released in Japan.

Prior to the release of the game, a contest called Wanted Kisekae was held where participants could send in illustrations of Stuff to Nintendo and have the chance to have their drawings featured in the credits or made into one of the 20 Special Stuff in the final game. There were six winning entrants.

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The story of Densetsu no Starfy 4 takes place some time after the events of Densetsu no Starfy 3.

Back in Pufftop Palace, times were once again peaceful. Starly was drawing pictures on the carpet, while Starfy and Papa Star were resting. It was finally all nice and quiet. Suddenly however, Moe ran through the doors of Pufftop Palace, saying there was serious trouble. Papa Star asked "what's the matter?" and wondered whether Moe had come to play. Moe said there was a girl at the entrance of Pufftop. Starly thought Moe was teasing. Moe called Starly a 'fool'. The girl was then let into the throne room. The girl thanked Pufftop for their help and introduced herself as Mattel from the Amiy Kingdom. Mama Star wondered where the Amiy Kingdom was and noted that Mattel had come from quite far away. Mattel begged everyone to help save the Amiy Kingdom.

A scene shows the events of the Amiy Kingdom before the crisis. It reveals that there is a mystical stone known as the Mon Amour Stone that was passed down with care as a protector of the Amiy Kingdom. The residents of the Amiy Kingdom lived happily in peace, guarded by the Mon Amour Stone. One day however, the Mon Amour Stone was stolen by someone! The thief caused calamity across the Amiy Kingdom with the force of the Mon Amour Stone, transforming the Amiy Castle into a castle of her own and setting buildings on fire. The thief was surely plotting an evil plan against the kingdom of some sort. Mattel, who is a maid from the Amiy Kingdom had somehow escaped.

While Starfy was sleeping, Starly asked Mattel why she had come to Pufftop. Mattel replied that she had previously heard of the success of Starfy and that Prince Starfy was brave to have defeated huge evil. Mattel asks everyone in the area to please ask Starfy to save the Amiy Kingdom. Starly then wakes Starfy up and tells him to help Mattel. Moe then gets angry and argues that another adventure is unfavorable. Moe says from now on Starfy and him are going to play and Starfy brings out a Nintendo DS. Starly goes behind Moe's back and teases Moe saying he is stupid as usual. Starly starts to talk about Ruby, so Moe reconsiders and starts to get excited about meeting her in the Amiy Kingdom. Moe says they should go and hear what the Old Man Lobber has to say first. Mama Star then tells Starfy, Starly and Moe that Old Man Lobber has a villa in the Amiy Kingdom. Mama Star asks Starfy, Starly and Moe to be back by dinner.

Meanwhile, the thief is overlooking Starfy, Starly and Moe using the power of the Mon Amour Stone. She is revealed to be an evil serpent-like creature, who considers Starfy as her main enemy. Starfy, Starly and Moe jump off of Pufftop and land into Lobber's Villa, straight into Old Man Lobber's bonsai, ruining it. This upsets Old Man Lobber who misses his "cute bonsai". Old Man Lobber mentions the Mon Amour Stone as a mystical stone in the Amiy Kingdom and starts thinking about it, so Starly wonders if someone had stolen it. Starfy has unfortunately forgot most of his abilities, so Old Man Lobber suggests that Starfy should relearn his basic abilities using the signboards in the first level. Old Man Lobber asks Starfy to find a Repair Kit to fix his bonsai.

Moe suggests that they should first meetup with people in the City, so Starfy, Starly and Moe talk to the Mermaid who tells them about saving, a Warp Jizou and King Warp Jizou who tell them about the Warp Jizou and Return to the City abilities.

After Starfy, Starly and Moe find the Repair Kit, they use it to fix Old Man Lobber's bonsai. Old Man Lobber says that he does not know who stole the Mon Amour Stone yet, and advises that in order to track down the culprit they should go to a variety of Cities and listen to what everyone has to say. Old Man Lobber reminds Starfy about Stuff and tells him that various dress-up items can be viewed from the Pause Menu, and that they can be obtained by finishing favors from other characters. Old Man Lobber then gives Starfy, Starly and Moe the Shimashima Swimsuit.

Starfy, Starly and Moe must complete stages and solve the problems of various characters, including familiar characters who have visited the Amiy Kingdom and characters that they have never seen before. In the process they will collect Stuff, gather information about the thief, learn new abilities, including magical powers called "Spill", defeat bosses sent by the thief and visit a variety of stages. Their ultimate goal is to defeat the thief and bring peace back to the Amiy Kingdom.


Enemies and obstacles by attack power

Main article: Attack power

The article above is a list of all enemies and obstacles by their attack powers. Since Starfy and Starly use a HP gauge, all enemies, bosses, and obstacles that do damage will deal a set amount of damage to the player, with the exception of two attacks that deal half of Starfy or Starly's HP rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Picture Book entries

Main article: Densetsu no Starfy 4/Picture Book

There are 154 Picture Book entries in this game. The Picture Book menu is available as an option in Moe's House after beating Degil for the first time by selecting the bookcase under Moe's telephone. 55 entries are available by default in their own separate 'friend' category, however Starfy or Starly have to defeat individual enemies to get the first 99 registered in the Picture Book. The game takes into account the enemies Starfy and Starly defeated before finishing the main story game, but as with previous games there are a few Rare Enemies which only appear after the game has been completed at least once. The rare enemies may be found by revisiting certain levels in the game, and through answering Tobira Majin's answer cards, in which Tobira Majin will lead the player to a secret rooms of the Area.

Internal character and enemy names

Main article: Densetsu no Starfy 4/Internal character and enemy names

The article above is a list of characters and enemies by their internal filenames.

List of glitches

Main article: List of glitches in the Nintendo DS games

Follow the link above for a list of glitches in Densetsu no Starfy 4 and The Legendary Starfy.

List of Items

Main article: Densetsu no Starfy 4/Items

Follow the link above for a list of Items in Densetsu no Starfy 4.

List of soundtrack

Main article: Densetsu no Starfy 4/Soundtrack

After Starfy defeats Degil for the first time, the player can unlock pieces of music for a menu called the Sea Jams (Legendary Concert) available from Moe's House. These can be unlocked by purchasing them separately from Maniankou's Shop and locating them in blue treasure chests for a total of 56 tracks. Music which the player has yet to unlock will appear as "☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆". There are also at least three unused tracks for the game that do not appear in the Sea Jams.

List of Stuff

Main article: Densetsu no Starfy 4/Stuff

Densetsu no Starfy 4 features 100 Stuff for dress-up. This game introduces the Special category. Specials are costumes that portray a certain motif which cannot be worn with Clothes or Accessories. There are 20 Special items, 6 of which are winning costumes from the Wanted Kisekae contest.

"Clothes" and "Accessories" are categories which were previously featured in Densetsu no Starfy 2 and Densetsu no Starfy 3. Clothes are the basic items that Starfy and Starly can wear, while Accessories are objects that can be worn/held with Clothes. There are 40 Clothes and 40 Accessories in this game.

The Wanted Kisekae contest was a contest that began prior to the release of Densetsu no Starfy 4, where fans could mail over their design for a costume over to Nintendo's headquarters with a chance of their costume being featured in the final game.

Eighteen runner-up designs which did not become Stuff, were featured in Densetsu no Starfy 4's Staff Roll 1.

List of unused content

Main article: Densetsu no Starfy 4/Unused content

The article above is a list of features that are not accessible in the game.


Main article: Densetsu no Starfy 4/Credits

Follow the link above for the Staff Credits in Densetsu no Starfy 4.

Trial version

Main article: Densetsu no Starfy 4: Trial Version.

A trial version was released (Japanese: 伝説のスタフィー4 体験版). It was available with DS Stations on April 6, as part of the Touch! Try! DS series and featured the first stage (with likely no more stages available).[2][3]


The promotional artwork of Starfy and Starly in a television.
  • There is promotional artwork of Starfy and Starly in a television, as seen on TOSE's official website circa 2006. Clicking it would lead one to Nintendo's official mini-site for the game.
  • As well as being the first Starfy game not released for the Game Boy Advance. It is also the first Starfy that did not release a year after its predecessor.
  • This is the only Starfy game so far that has a female main antagonist.
  • This is also the only Starfy game that doesn't officially have any Minigames.
  • This is the only Starfy game that uses a gauge for HP rather than hearts. It is also the first game to not have separate HP from boss battles.
  • This is the only Starfy game that uses SP.
  • Several unused songs have been found in the game's data. They are not accessible in the Legendary Concert, and while three are known to be playable, are completely inaccessible in game.
  • Densetsu no Starfy 4 has a large amount of unused models in the game, some unrelated to the Legendary Starfy series.
  • This game, along with Densetsu no Starfy, have the least stages of all the Starfy games with 9 stages.
  • Since Starfy and Starly use a HP gauge instead of the traditional 5 heart gauge, Starfy and Starfy can take more and less hits meaning it could take an obstacle, enemy, or boss two hits to defeat the player to as high as 125 hits depending on whether the player fully upgrades their HP or not.

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