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Cake sprite

For the item in Densetsu no Starfy, please see Delicious Cake

The Cake (Japanese: ケーキ) is an object in Densetsu no Starfy 4, found in Flourishing Desert (Stage 6-2). In the story, Plum has a bad habit of eating too much food, so Chiwan asks Starly to lure Plum into a cage with Cake.

The Cake is initially found under a large dish cover. When Starly removes the dish cover with a Star Spin it reveals the Cake and Plum begins to follow it. If Plum touches the cake he will eat it and disappear. This causes the dish cover with the Cake to reappear in its original position.

Starly must push the cake around the area until it is underneath a cage. If Plum comes too close to the cake Starly can make him temporarily disappear by attacking him with a Star Spin. When the Cake is pushed underneath the cage, it is dropped on Plum, causing him to withdraw back into his lamp, which is then collected by Starly.