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Easter eggs are intentional hidden messages, inside jokes or hidden features in video games and other media. The Legendary Starfy series features a few Easter eggs. Easter eggs are not to be confused with cameos or glitches.

In Densetsu no Starfy

Shocked Starfys coming out of the Tone of Ocean instrument.

In Densetsu no Starfy 2

  • Funazou calls Starfy "Stalock Polmes" スタロック・ポームズ; this is a reference to Sherlock Holmes. Funazou also refers to Moe as "Kyotsun-san" (Japanese: キョトスンさん); which is likely a play on Sherlock Holmes' assistant Watson. Funazou continues to refer to Starfy as Stalock-sensei in Densetsu no Starfy 3.
  • After beating a boss, there is a one in ten chance that Moe's siblings will appear in the background during the dance instead of the fish. [1]
  • In the Sea Jams, playing "Yanki Kigurumi" (page 3, second to last tune) causes Moe to apparently sing using the microphone. He looks like he is laughing and two jagged flashes of 'lightning' can be seen above him. Starfy meanwhile, starts running back and forth with a shocked expression. Stopping the tune puts Starfy and Moe back to normal.
  • The layout of map 8 (which can be viewed with the Nintendo Official Guidebook) of Large Tree's Forest (Stage 5)'s area 5 in Densetsu no Starfy 2 has 'floor blocks' in the air that resemble a person jumping up with their arms and legs pointing upwards. This is the last map before the boss battle with Numan.
  • The presence of the unused Flatfish character may remove all of Starfy's pearls. (Though this was tested with having 9999 pearls, and it hasn't been confirmed if the exact number of pearls can affect the behavior). This character cannot be seen without a method of hacking, such as editing the ROM image or using a cheating device.

In Densetsu no Starfy 3

In Super Princess Peach

In an Easter egg, Mattel appears as a design on Starfish's sleeping mat in Super Princess Peach. Possibly due to an oversight, this occurred even before the release of Densetsu no Starfy 4.[2]

In Densetsu no Starfy 4

The "miss" (ハズレ, hazure) messages in Degil's Castle (image from Nintendo Official Guidebook)
  • Starfy, Moe and Starly pull off expressions when they are touched on the title screen, with different expressions between the initial and post-game unlockable title screen. See the title screen expressions heading for more information.
  • If the player battles Geishachi again after beating the game once, a radio can be found with a 'げきむず' speech bubble (which gives the impression that it can increase the difficulty of the boss battle) and if Starfy or Starly use a Star Spin on it, it will play an Asian shamisen version of the Title Song called Tone of Ocean Shamisen, causing her to play a bunch of notes, and making it harder for Starfy or Starly to defeat her.
  • An area of Degil's Castle (9-3) has two maps with a series of blocks spelling "ハズレ" in Japanese (meaning "miss"), suggesting that the player had entered the wrong room. Four doors lead to the maps, and two lead to the correct map, with one also leading to the correct room in which the Degil's Castle song can be unlocked. This is an example of a hidden object message. A famous example of a hidden object message in another game is the the "thank you" (アリガトウ, arigatou) message in World 9-4 of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.

Sea Jams Easter eggs

  • If the player chooses to play Degil's Theme 2 or Ending 2 in the Sea Jams, Starfy and Starly will wear sunglasses, the microphone will change into a pink thing apparently with a ribbon shaped part, and Mattel will turn into Lovely. These changes are reverted after the music is stopped.
  • If the player touches one of the fish on the Sea Jams and nothing is overlaying the fish, Degil's laugh, the sound effect when Lovewizumi appears or the Mermaid's 'hi hi' sound effect played when saving may play.
  • After a certain period of time with no tune playing, Moe will get a sweat bubble and Starfy will apparently pull a string on his violin (four lines are seen near the violin) but then pull off a disappointed face with 'empty black circle eyes'

Title screen expressions

On both the initial title screen and the 'post-game' unlockable title screen, the player can touch Starfy, Starly and Moe to have them pull off different expressions.

Initial title screen

  • Touching Starfy causes him to pull off a shocked expression with his eyeballs protruding, before falling down on his front side.
  • Touching Moe causes him to wink with his left eye and have a star come out.
  • Touching Starly once causes her to pull off a mildly annoyed looking expression, touching her again causes her to become more annoyed, turning to her right side and moving her arm, and touching her a third time causes her to clearly become angry, showing angry eyes and opening her mouth. The expressions 'loop around', so touching Starly for a fourth time causes her to pull off her first expression.

Post-game title screen

  • Touching Starfy causes him to close his eyes, pull off a large grin, then spin around counter-clockwise.
  • Touching Moe causes the shape of his eyes to change so they look more angry, Moe to put the two hinges of his shell together for a moment, and have a red mark appear on his face, presumably indicating anger.
  • Touching Starly causes her to close her eyes, pull off a sad face, move her face down slightly and apparently hold her breath, as her cheeks are enlarged. Touching Starly for a second time does not make her pull off a second expression.

T-shirt art

The back of the Old Man Lobber Shirt.
  • The back of the Old Man Lobber Shirt in the Stuff has writing on it which says "I [red fork icon] ROB". ROB is presumably a reference to Old Man Lobber's Japanese name, Rob-jisan (Japanese: ラブじいさん).

In The Legendary Starfy

  • When the player starts up the game on their birthday, after the Nintendo and Mobiclip screens a 'happy birthday' screen will appear and a fanfare will play. Confetti will fall from the screen. The screen features Starfy, Moe and Starly near a cake with a board on top of it that says "Happy Birthday!" (Japanese: たんじょうびおめでとう). The cake is on a plate and has six candles. It is topped with upside down strawberries and a Starfy decoration. The player has to press A to continue.
  • In the Sea Jams, when Wireless Options or The Squirts' Drums is played, Moe is replaced with Herman and Starfy and Starly will play with guitars instead of maracas (Starly) and drums (Starfy).
  • In the Sea Jams, fish can be moved around by touching them on the Touch Screen and flicked by letting go off them.
  • When a tune is playing in the Sea Jams, musical notes will appear. If the player uses the stylus to throw fish from the bottom screen on to the musical notes, the first part of the series Title Song will play. This can be done three more times in succession to play extra parts of the song.
  • The Legendary Starfy features quizzes from Moe's siblings. They can be accessed after clearing and revisiting particular areas, and reveal secrets about the game.
    • If the player solves the quiz in Stage 2-3 (Hotcha Springs), Moe's siblings will break the fourth wall by revealing Bawss got his name because the special when TOSE went out for dinner was "fresh squid".
    • In the Stage 6-3 quiz (Skydye Heights), one of the incorrect answers for the name of the "cloud guy" in the game is Mr. Clouds (Japanese: 雲おじさん, Kumo Ojisan) (the correct answer is Huffinfluff). However, Kumo Ojisan is a correct answer in the context of Densetsu no Starfy 4 and Mr. Clouds while not too literal could be a translation of it, potentially tricking players who had played the previous game into selecting it, or giving the false impression for players who are not aware of Kumo Ojisan that this choice was completely made up.
A player getting the "Happy Birthday!" message

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