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Example design of a Rocket Suit

Wanted Kisekae (きせかえ大募集, Wanted Kisekae) was a contest that began prior to the release of Densetsu no Starfy 4. Details about the contest were posted under a page on Nintendo of Japan's official website. The deadline for the contest was December 16, 2005.

Participants had to make their own drawing of Starfy or Starly wearing a costume on an A4 piece of paper and mail it over to the Public Relations Department of Nintendo's headquarters (Kamitoba-hokotate-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto, 〒 601-8501). A special coloring sheet of Starfy was hosted on the page as an alternative to drawing the costume from scratch.

The six winning entrants had their drawings made into one of the 20 Special Stuff in the final game. The names of the entrants were listed in a section under the official Densetsu no Starfy 4 website which compares the artist's original design with the costume that made it into the final game. The names of the six winning entrants also made it into the Densetsu no Starfy 4 Staff credits.

In Densetsu no Starfy 4's Staff Roll 1, the costumes designed by various runner-ups are shown on the touch screen.

Winning costumes

"Past People" (むかしのひと) by Nana Andou

"Ausutoraro" (アウストラロ) by Yuki Otomura

"Princess and Umbrella" (おひめさまとカサ) by Eriko Kawashima

"Ibis" (トキ) by Raito Kiryuu

"Moe" (キョロスケ, Kyorosuke) by Ryou Sumita

"Chick" (ひよこ) by Shuusuke Terao

Gallery of artwork shown in Staff Roll 1

Below are the submitted designs from the Wanted Kisekae contest that appear in Densetsu no Starfy 4's Staff Roll 1. None of them were made into costumes in the final game.

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