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Japanese Name ラテ, Rate
Leader Unknown
Affiliates Each other
Located Old Tower, Glitzem Grotto
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Wiggyback (Rate in Japan) are enemies in the Nintendo DS games. They appear to be a combination of two enemies, though they are classed as a single enemy. A horned orange enemy with two red ribbons in its hair rides a purple ball and chain. The purple ball and chain will appear out of the ground when approached by Starfy or Starly and the orange enemy on top will spin itself to try and attack the player until both the orange and purple enemies become dizzy.

Toy description

"Once you see Wiggyback pop up, it might throw you off for a second. This tag team's spin move is no match for the Starfy and Moe combo, though!" (#043)