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TLS Bullygoat Toy.png
Japanese Name デビルゴート, Devilgoat
Located S.S. Logwater, Planet Bunnera
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Bullygoat (Devilgoat in Japan[1]) is an enemy in The Legendary Starfy. It appears to be a red devil with yellow horns and black wings. It has sharp black claws and a collar around its head. It is powerful and takes three Star Spins for Starfy to defeat. It disintegrates into a skeleton and releases a lot of pearls if defeated. It often avoids Starfy's attacks by using some kind of shield.

Toy description

"Be careful if you run into this guy. He's quite a powerful foe! This fearsome beast loves to drop explosive mines on you and yours." (#066)


  • The Japanese name of Bullygoat, Devilgōto can be interpreted as referring to a devil or demon. This reference may have been intentionally censored out of the English versions. A similar case may exist with Minige Majin (Japanese: ミニゲまじん), the Japanese name of Mini G, because Majin can refer to a magical being such as a devil or genie depending on the context.


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