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This article is related to a game, manga series or other media that has not been released outside Japan. The coverage here may differ from what it would be in an official translation.
Artwork of a Pearl Dragon, one of the Rare Enemies from Densetsu no Starfy 4

Note: The lists from the Game Boy Advance games may be incomplete and/or have errors due to the Nintendo Official Guidebooks for these games not listing all (DnS3)/any (DnS1, 2) of the Rare Enemies in a separate section.

Rare Enemies (Japanese: レアな敵)[1] are certain enemies in all games in The Legendary Starfy series except for The Legendary Starfy that only appear and/or can only be added into the Picture Book or Trading Cards after beating the game once. They may be found in old Areas, or in secret Areas. They are sometimes found in groups.

In Densetsu no Starfy, after beating the game, clearing minigames on hard by talking to one of the relevant characters in a Stage will bring Starfy to a room with one or more of the same type of Rare Enemies. Fukafuka may be considered a 'rare character' in this game, because he can only be met after beating the game once. Although Korudon appear in the minigame Toretore Fruit which is available before beating the game, the player must visit Undersea Temple after beating the game to encounter one and get it in the Picture Book.

In Densetsu no Starfy 3, Evil may be considered a rare enemy because he can only be battled after beating Altered Ogura and clearing the game for the first time, however, he is seen during the story.

The Legendary Starfy doesn't feature any Rare Enemies per se, however, there are some enemies exclusive to the Pufftop and ??? Stages that are only available post-game.

List of Rare Enemies

Below are lists of Rare Enemies and where they are found.

Densetsu no Starfy

Picture Book number Name Japanese name Picture Book sprite Stage
006 Bellybird マンマルチョウ, Manmaruchou DnS1 Z006.png Lobber's Cave
007 Chikku チック DnS1 Z007.png Lobber's Cave
008 Gadegade ガデガデ DnS1 Z008.png Lobber's Cave
009 Gandosu ガンドス DnS1 Z009.png Lobber's Cave
010 Wahi Wahi アッチー, Atchī DnS1 Z010.png Coral Reef
019 Kagibanrei カギバンレイ DnS1 Z019.png Coral Reef
(Clear Seahorse Kid Catch on hard by talking to Tatsunomama)
020 Chingyo チンギョ DnS1 Z020.png Coral Reef
021 Ippon イッポン DnS1 Z021.png Coral Reef
022 Norinori ノリノリ DnS1 Z022.png Coral Reef
023 Teppo テッポ DnS1 Z023.png Coral Reef
037 Warugao ワルガオ DnS1 Z037.png Stranded Whale
038 Pinpin ピンピン DnS1 Z038.png Stranded Whale
039 Dokazun ドカズン DnS1 Z039.png Stranded Whale
(Clear Round and Round Sunglasses on hard by talking to Jiilacanth)
040 Hiramei ヒラメイ DnS1 Z040.png Stranded Whale
041 Marunokon マルノコン DnS1 Z041.png Stranded Whale
042 Biririmaneki ビリリマネキ DnS1 Z042.png Stranded Whale
052 Choby アンチイ, Anchii DnS1 Z052.png Sea of Ice
(Clear Slippery Hockey on hard by talking to Ashikaru)
057 Upon ウーポン, Ūpon DnS1 Z057.png Sea of Ice
058 Torabera トラベラー, Toraberā DnS1 Z058.png Sea of Ice
059 Kachitsuki カチツキー, Kachitsukī DnS1 Z059.png Sea of Ice
060 Hyappo ヒャッポー, Hyappō DnS1 Z060.png Sea of Ice
061 Potori ポトリ DnS1 Z061.png Sea of Ice
062 Oomukashi オオムカシ DnS1 Z062.png Sea of Ice
063 Lurchin アイソウニ DnS1 Z063.png Sea of Ice
064 Stangler ホタデン DnS1 Z064.png Sea of Ice
065 Shande シャンデー, Shandē DnS1 Z065.png Sea of Ice
086 Arukaseki アルカセーキ, Arukasēki DnS1 Z086.png Deep Sea
087 Mandogora マンドゴーラ, Mandogōra DnS1 Z087.png Deep Sea
(Clear Ocean Cleanup on hard by talking to Amebrush)
088 Komorin コモリン DnS1 Z088.png Deep Sea
089 Urobotto ウロボット DnS1 Z089.png Deep Sea
090 Shakke シャッケ DnS1 Z090.png Deep Sea
091 Bogyo ボーギョ, Bōgyo DnS1 Z091.png Deep Sea
092 Honouo ホノウーオ, Honoūo DnS1 Z092.png Deep Sea
093 Merutofi メルトフィー, Merutofī DnS1 Z093.png Deep Sea
113 Kasakasa カサカサ DnS1 Z113.png Sunken Ship
114 Hyuruhyuru ヒュルヒュル DnS1 Z114.png Sunken Ship
115 Medatsuka メダツカ DnS1 Z115.png Sunken Ship
116 Ikametto イカメット DnS1 Z116.png Sunken Ship
117 Pizzap ビビビ, Bibibi DnS1 Z117.png Sunken Ship
(Clear Panic Boom on hard by talking to Miguana)
118 Jerubari ジェルバリー, Jerubarī DnS1 Z118.png Sunken Ship
119 Enzeru エンゼル DnS1 Z119.png Sunken Ship
120 Barun バルン DnS1 Z120.png Sunken Ship
129 Pitapita ピタピタ DnS1 Z129.png Undersea Ruins
137 Korudon コルードン, Korūdon DnS1 Z137.png Undersea Ruins
138 Togesenbon トゲセンボン DnS1 Z138.png Undersea Ruins
139 Battafurai バッタフライ, Battafurai DnS1 Z139.png Undersea Temple
(Clear Billiardon on hard by talking to Pao)
140 Wasawasa ワサワサ DnS1 Z140.png Undersea Temple
141 Warusaru ワルサール, Warusāru DnS1 Z141.png Undersea Temple
142 Chikugyo チクギョ DnS1 Z142.png Undersea Temple
143 Glunk スマイム, Sumaimu DnS1 Z143.png Undersea Temple
144 Dangoron ダンゴロン DnS1 Z144.png Undersea Temple
145 Mokku モック DnS1 Z145.png Undersea Temple
147 Ganma ガンマー, Ganmā DnS1 Z147.png Undersea Temple
159 Piyochiyo ピヨチヨ DnS1 Z159.png Sea of Sky
160 Mayucoin マユコイーン, Mayukoīn DnS1 Z160.png Sea of Sky
161 Rannan ランナン DnS1 Z161.png Sea of Sky
162 Mantowani マントワニ DnS1 Z162.png Sea of Sky
163 Sametto サメット DnS1 Z163.png Sea of Sky
164 Sky Swimmer スカイスイマー, Sukaisuimā DnS1 Z164.png Sea of Sky
165 Pearl Sprite パールキーパー, Pāru Kīpā DnS1 Z165.png Sea of Sky
(Clear Toretore Fruit on hard by talking to Himandodo)
166 Ukondori ウコンドリ DnS1 Z166.png Sea of Sky
167 Springer スプリンガー, Supuringā DnS1 Z167.png Sea of Sky
168 Mo モー, DnS1 Z168.png Sea of Sky
169 Ridokkusu リドックス DnS1 Z169.png Sea of Sky
170 Barikku バリック DnS1 Z170.png Sea of Sky
171 Mejiro メジロ DnS1 Z171.png Sea of Sky
172 Ogakure オガクレ DnS1 Z172.png Sea of Sky
183 Tsurutsura ツルツラー, Tsurutsurā DnS1 Z183.png Pufftop
187 Sukarupu スカループ, Sukarūpu DnS1 Z187.png Pufftop
188 Nubble ミュミュ, Myumyu DnS1 Z188.png Pufftop
189 Zuratta ヅラッタ DnS1 Z189.png Pufftop
190 Hebiru ヘビール, Hebīru DnS1 Z190.png Pufftop
191 Sukarudon スカルドン DnS1 Z191.png Pufftop
192 Spinebelly アンガー, Angā DnS1 Z192.png Pufftop
193 Chikkin チッキン DnS1 Z193.png Pufftop
194 Nishikicoil ニシキコイル, Nishikikoiru DnS1 Z194.png Pufftop
195 Kabutomashin カブトマシン DnS1 Z195.png Pufftop
196 Liftwisp ジアップ, Jiappu DnS1 Z196.png Pufftop
197 Erekirage エレキラゲ DnS1 Z197.png Pufftop
198 Komeruto コメルト DnS1 Z198.png Pufftop
199 Birinagashi ビリナガシ DnS1 Z199.png Pufftop

Densetsu no Starfy 2

Picture Book number Name Japanese name Picture Book Sprite Stage/Area
009 Wasawasa ワサワサ DnS2 Z009.png Lobber's Cave
(Stages 1-2, 1-3)
018 Bellybird マンマルチョウ, Manmaruchou DnS2 Z018.png Gluglug Lagoon
(Stage 2-3)
027 Nubble ミュミュ, Myumyu DnS2 Z027.png Gluglug Lagoon
(Stage 2-2)
032 Kagibanrei カギバンレイ DnS2 Z032.png Turtle Turtle Land
(Stages 3-3, 3-4)
033 Chingyo チンギョ DnS2 Z033.png Turtle Turtle Land
(Stage 3-4)
049 Choby アンチィ, Anchi DnS2 Z049.png Slippery Ice Alpine
(Stage 4-1)
069 Mandogora マンドゴーラ, Mandogōra DnS2 Z069.png Large Tree's Forest
(Stage 5-5)
075 Piyochiyo ピヨチヨ DnS2 Z075.png Large Tree's Forest
(Stage 5-3)
076 Pearl Sprite パールキーパー, Pāru Kīpā DnS2 Z076.png Large Tree's Forest
(Stage 5-1)
089 Chikku チック DnS2 Z089.png Pitch Dark Cave
(Stage 6-4)
094 Chikugyo チクギョ DnS2 Z094.png Pitch Dark Cave
(Stage 6-2)
114 Kasakasa カサカサ DnS2 Z114.png Yeeha Alpine
(Stage 7-5)
116 Pizzap ビビビ, Bibibi DnS2 Z116.png Yeeha Alpine
(Stage 7-3)
138 Mantowani マントワニ DnS2 Z138.png Pufftop
(Stages 8-5, 8-6)
156 Ukondori ウコンドリ DnS2 Z156.png Resshi Lake
(Stage 9-6)
178 Shakke シャッケ DnS2 Z178.png Torrent's Waterfall
(Stage 10-3)
184 Chikkin チッキン DnS2 Z184.png Torrent's Waterfall
(Stage 10-5)
201 Mayucoin マユコイーン DnS2 Z201.png Ogura Castle
(Stage 11-4)
225 Ogakure オガクレ DnS2 Z225.png Lobber's Cave, Pufftop
(Stages 1-8, 8-9)
227 Blokka ブロッカ, Burokka DnS2 Z227.png Large Tree's Forest
(Stage 5-8)
230 Stangler ホタデン, Hotaden DnS2 Z230.png Pufftop
(Stage 8-10)

Densetsu no Starfy 3

Trading Cards number Name Japanese name Trading Cards sprite Stage/Area Map
012 Bellybird マンマルチョウ, Manmaruchou DnS3 Z012.png Lobber's Cave
(Stage 1-4)
031 Chingyo チンギョ DnS3 Z031.png Coral Coast
(Stage 2-3)
046 Kagibanrei カギバンレイ DnS3 Z046.png Misty Town
(Stage 3-2)
063 Nubble ミュミュ, Myumyu DnS3 Z063.png Crushed Ice Alpine
(Stage 4-4)
064 Choby アンチィ, Anchii DnS3 Z064.png Crushed Ice Alpine
(Stage 4-1)
065 Fork フォーク, Fōku DnS3 Z065.png Crushed Ice Alpine
(Stage 4-4)
089 Mandogora マンドゴーラ, Mandogōra DnS3 Z089.png Jungle
(Stage 5-4)
090 Piyochiyo ピヨチヨ DnS3 Z090.png Jungle
(Stage 5-3)
091 Pearl Sprite パールキーパー, Pāru Kīpā DnS3 Z091.png Jungle
(Stage 5-3)
115 Ukondori ウコンドリ DnS3 Z115.png Flamer Volcano
(Stage 6-4)
116 Chikkin チッキン DnS3 Z116.png Flamer Volcano
(Stage 6-3)
136 Chikugyo チクギョ DnS3 Z136.png Gabun Ocean Trench
(Stage 7-3)
137 Pizzap ビビビ, Bibibi DnS3 Z137.png Gabun Ocean Trench
(Stage 7-3)
158 Chikku チック DnS3 Z158.png Undersea Ruins
(Stage 8-3)
172 Kasakasa カサカサ DnS3 Z172.png Sea of Sky
(Stage 9-2)
173 Upon ウーポン, Ūpon DnS3 Z173.png Sea of Sky
(Stage 9-4)
199 Mayucoin マユコイーン, Mayukoīn DnS3 Z199.png Old Castle
(Stage 10-1)
205 Evil イーブル, Īburu DnS3 Z205.png Old Castle
(Stage 10-4)
5 (first form)/
7 (second form)
207 Desuroru デスロール, Desurōru DnS3 Z207.png Misty Town
(Stage 3-4)
208 Barun バルン DnS3 Z208.png Lobber's Cave
(Stage 1-7)
211 Parinezumi パリネズミ DnS3 Z211.png Crushed Ice Alpine, Flamer Volcano
(Stages 4-7, Stage 6)
216 Eibi エイビー, Eibī DnS3 Z216.png Crushed Ice Alpine, Resshi Lake
(Stages 4-7, Stage 9)
219 Birinagashi ビリナガシ DnS3 Z219.png Coral Coast
(Stage 2-8)
221 Hiramegaeshi ヒラメガエシ DnS3 Z221.png Coral Coast
(Stage 2-7)
223 Stangler ホタデン, Hotaden DnS3 Z223.png Sea of Sky
(Stage 9-6)
225 Jerubari ジェルバリー, Jerubarī DnS3 Z225.png Crushed Ice Alpine
(Stage 4-8)
229 Jiappo ジアッポ DnS3 Z229.png Misty Town
(Stage 3-7)

Densetsu no Starfy 4

Picture Book number Name Japanese name Artwork Stage/Area Map
005 Chokita チョキタ DnS4 Z005.png Lobber's Cave
(Stage 1-2)
11 (past Tobira Majin)
006 Whamster ムー, DnS4 Z006.png Lobber's Cave
(Stage 1-1)
011 Daffodile ニィスター, Nystar DnS4 Z011.png Tree of Beginning
(Stage 2-1)
016 Red Malicious レッドウッド, Redwood DnS4 Z016.png Tree of Beginning
(Stage 2-2)
11 (past Tobira Majin)
018 Ametel アメテル, Ameteru DnS4 Z018.png Cupid Village
(Stage 3-1)
15 (past Tobira Majin)
023 Astro Bagger ホシハネ, Hoshihane DnS4 Z023.png Cupid Village
(Stage 3-3)
030 Pino ピノ DnS4 Z030.png Tear Lake
(Stage 4-2)
14 (past Tobira Majin)
036 Splatch ベターン, Betān DnS4 Z036.png Tear Lake
(Stage 4-4)
15 (past Tobira Majin)
044 Ikarin イカリン DnS4 Z044.png Hidden Village of Koimaro
(Stage 5-3)
046 Marukoro マルコロ DnS4 Z046.png Hidden Village of Koimaro
(Stage 5-2)
23 (past Tobira Majin)
054 Scorpebble ストーンピオン, Stonepion DnS4 Z054.png Flourishing Desert
(Stage 6-2)
058 Kaimo カイモ DnS4 Z058.png Flourishing Desert
(Stage 6-3)
066 Afrottotiger アフロットタイガー, Afurottotaigā DnS4 Z066.png Thousand Year Hill
(Stage 7-1)
068 Rousokku ロウソック DnS4 Z068.png Thousand Year Hill
(Stage 7-1)
19 (past Tobira Majin)
081 Smashcan ドルン, Dorun DnS4 Z081.png Old Tower
(Stage 8-3)
13 (past Tobira Majin)
084 Soil ソイル, Soiru DnS4 Z084.png Old Tower
(Stage 8-2)
093 Pearl Sprite パールキーパー, Pāru Kīpā DnS4 Z093.png Degil's Castle
(Stage 9-3)
12 (past Tobira Majin)
095 Pearl Dragon パールドラゴン, Pāru Doragon DnS4 Z095.png Degil's Castle
(Stage 9-2)
15 (past Tobira Majin)