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Not to be confused with the Japanese TV program, Super Mario Club that broadcast from 1990 to 1993.

The current Mario Club logo

Mario Club Co. Ltd (Japanese: マリオクラブ株式会社) is a Japanese subsidiary of Nintendo that plays tests video games and works on debugging them with the aim of delivering high-quality products.[1] It is named after Nintendo's famous mascot Mario and employs part-time workers.

Mario Club spun off from the quality control department within Nintendo in which Kenji Saiki (Japanese: 斎木健次) acted as business chief, named Super Mario Club (Japanese: スーパーマリオクラブ) or Mario Club (Japanese: マリオクラブ)[2] to become its own subsidiary in July 2009.[3]

The current managing director is Yuichi Kitamaru (Japanese: 北村 裕一).[4] Formally, the managing director was Kaoru Takemura (Japanese: 竹村 薫)[5] and earlier, the managing director was Kenji Miki (Japanese: 三木研次)[6]

Mario Club are known under a number of different but similar names, including Super Mario Club, NCL Super Mario Club, SMC Debug Team and Super Mario Club Debug Team. [7]

Work on the Legendary Starfy series

Super Mario Club are listed under "Debug" in the credits of Densetsu no Starfy 4 and the Japanese version of The Legendary Starfy, and under "Special Thanks" in the Game Boy Advance games. The North American version of The Legendary Starfy does not credit Super Mario Club, but rather NOA Product Testing Department.

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