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Only in Japan!
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Playing the minigame on Easy mode

Don't Drop (Japanese: おとしちゃダメダメ, Otoshicha Damedame) is a minigame in Densetsu no Starfy 2. It is unlocked by clearing Stage 8-6 (Pufftop). The objective is to balance Moe's siblings without letting them fall off the stage, until the time limit runs out.

How to play

Use the control pad to move Moe left or right. Press and hold the B button to move faster. Press the A button to release a torrent of water which causes Moe's siblings to rise upwards if they touch it. Moe's siblings may glide in the air to fall slower, or dive down and fall faster.

If one of Moe's siblings fall past the bottom of the screen, then the minigame is finished early and the player fails the minigame.

Time limits

Easy mode: 40 seconds

Normal mode: 50 seconds

Hard Mode: 60 seconds