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This page is a list of The Legendary Starfy series fansites by language.


Salt Water Stafi

Salt Water Stafi, also known as Saltwater Stafi or SALT WATER STAFI was an English fan-site of The Legendary Starfy series run by Corbie Dillard, a writer for Nintendo Life; a video game blog and review website, where he is known under the username Corbs. On August 27th 2007, the website moved to its own domain name.

The website included links to the official websites for Densetsu no Starfy 1-4 and mirrored the Densetsu no Starfy 1-4 FAQs on GameFAQs, with permission from the original authors. The website also included links to Corbie Dillard's personal Starfy collection, a page summarizing the history of The Legendary Starfy series called "History of Stafi 101" and a link to an annotated version of the Densetsu no Starfy 2 Stage Select map (Note that the stage names are incorrect and that 'Kyorosuke's Shop' should be 'Kyorosuke's House', while 'HadeHirai's Photo Shop' should be 'Lovely's Shop')

In the comments of Corbie's Nintendo Life article, Starfy Finally Coming to North America!, Corbie posted on April 21st, 2009 that "Salt Water Stafi isn't gone yet" and is "just being reworked".

Starfy Fan Club

Starfy Fan Club is a website dedicated to The Legendary Starfy series hosted through Weebly. The earliest archived version of the site is from 2012. The site includes sections "Starfy Gossip" (where people can chat about the Legendary Starfy series), "Starfy Facts", "TLS Characters", "TLS Cheats", "Fan Club" (where people can add themselves to a fan club), "Starfy Tunez" and "Starfy Vs. Kirby".

Starfy Fanon Wiki

Starfy Fanon Wiki is a Wiki founded on Wikia by McQueenMario on July 12, 2009. The Wiki holds various articles about fake elements of The Legendary Starfy series introduced by fans.

The Legendary Starfy forum (2010)

A forum about The Legendary Starfy series was established by MBArceus in 2010. It is currently inactive but is still online.

The forum uses the ZetaBoards hosting service. The various boards are listed under 'categories' with the names of the categories referring to locations in the Legendary Starfy' games. The categories include "Pufftop Kingdom", "Gluglug Lagoon" (holding discussion boards about the Legendary Starfy games) and "Bunnera".

Starfy Forum (2015)

Starfy Forum (also known as The Legendary Starfy Forum) is an active forum about The Legendary Starfy series that was established by Hoopa (currently known as Arsene Lupin) in 2015. It uses the Proboards hosting service. The board categories include "General", "Starfy discussion" (holding discussion boards about the Legendary Starfy games) and "Off topic".

Starfy Reddit

The Legendary Starfy Reddit is a subreddit (dedicated message board ran on Reddit) about The Legendary Starfy series that was established by goldmaster11 and associates.

Starfy's Journal

The banner of Starfy's Journal

Starfy's Journal is a webcomic about The Legendary Starfy series hosted on Smack Jeeves. The webcomic is updated by ExileNK and x2Exile. The first comic, 001 - Prologue: Starfy's Fateful Free Fall was published on September 13, 2009. The latest comic 050 - Special: Summer 2010 was published on June 4, 2010, wishing people a good summer.

Starfy Wiki

Main article: Starfy Wiki:About

Starfy Wiki, known in full as The Legendary Starfy Wiki is a Wiki with various information about The Legendary Starfy series. The Wiki was founded on Wikia by BattleFranky202 (Talk) on May 30, 2009.

There are currently two Starfy Wikis - one hosted on (currently hosted by Michael (Talk), alias "Tappy", the webmaster of and an outdated one hosted on This is due to the Wiki being forked by Michael (Talk) on to the new domain name in early January 2011. All of the pages were imported, while images were re-uploaded separately.

The choice for Starfy Wiki to have its own domain name originated from the local staff's desires for the Wiki to become independent and possibly become part of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA) — an alliance promoting Wikis about Nintendo to stay independent and remain outside of the control of external companies. Starfy Wiki became a member of the NIWA on April 28, 2011. It is also affiliated with a number of other websites including Colorful Planet and imasara.

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Akiko's Blog

Akiko's Blog is a blog with a focus on Nintendo hosted on goo blog under akiko53_2004. The site is useful as a source for Japanese Toys/Picture Book or Trading Cards comments in The Legendary Starfy series.

Colorful Planet

One of the two Starfy link banners for Colorful Planet

Colorful Planet is a Japanese fansite for Nintendo series mainly including The Legendary Starfy series, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Mother and Metroid, run by "Mustard Pudding" (Japanese: 洋芥子ぷりん). The website hosts a number of illustrations, music listings with comments, comics and links to the Starfykirby blog, hosted on FC2. Like Colorful Planet, the Starfykirby blog is also run by Mustard Pudding.


Imasara (Japanese: 今更), roughly meaning 'at this late hour', is a Japanese blog run by "Little Y" (Japanese: りとるY), hosted on FC2. Little Y often posts artwork relating to The Legendary Starfy series, but sometimes posts artwork relating to other Nintendo series. The first blog entry according to the site's monthly archives is from August 14th, 2008.

Legendary Adventure

Legendary Adventure (Japanese: 伝説のアドベンチャー) was a website hosted on FC2. The website offered tips, cheats and glitches for Densetsu no Starfy, Tomato Adventure, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and other games, such as those in the Quiz Magic Academy series. The website also had a blog and bulletin board. The website currently appears to be offline but cached versions of the main page and its Imadame glitch documentation exist.

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